Is a Good Mattress Connected to a Better Sleep?

Written by mattress  »  Updated on: July 07th, 2024

Is a Good Mattress Connected to a Better Sleep?

Here’s what a recent research report revealed that will shock you. India is the second most sleep-deprived country in the world after Japan. Though stress and digital addiction are to be squarely blamed, poor mattress quality also contributes significantly to a poor sleep cycle.

You cannot sleep if you have insomnia. But you cannot sleep well if you have a bad mattress. A terrible night of tossing & turning ruins your day too. A restless night cannot give you a peaceful day. Poor sleep hygiene results in a host of physical and mental health problems.

The quality of your mattress matters more than you can probably imagine. Buying the right mattress for good sleep is the best gift that you can give yourself. There’s nothing like the feeling of waking up in the morning fully rejuvenated and raring to go!

How Do You Identify a Bad Mattress?

 You may not readily realize that the mattress is the culprit that has snatched your precious sleep. Here are some signs that indicate that the time is ripe to change the mattress.You are unable to have deep, continuous sleep for a prolonged period. You quickly feel stressed, anxious, and irritable

You get up in the morning with body aches and joint pains

The mattress is sagging and unsupportive. You wake up feeling stiff and sore

The mattress is worn out, and you frequently have skin allergies and respiratory issues (for no rhyme or reason)

The mattress is too old and past its prime (over 10 years)

You happen to get the experience of a good mattress elsewhere, and you immediately feel the difference

These are telltale signs that you must upgrade the mattress without much ado. Check out our website to explore a range of options that suit your needs and your budget too!

How is a Good Mattress Connected to Better Sleep?

Investing in the best mattress for sleeping can probably deliver more returns than a booming stock market. Good health is way more valuable than doubling your money! Here are some reasons why a good mattress is indispensable for a good night’s sleep.

Improved Sleep Quality: Get a good mattress if you want to sleep like a baby. With the right surface to sleep, you can fall asleep faster, experience fewer interruptions, and feel deeply rested.

Great Comfort: It is comfortable to sleep on a good mattress. It offers the right cushioning and support for your body. It alleviates pressure points and maintains the natural alignment of your spine.

Goodbye to Body Aches: A poor mattress can aggravate the pain in your neck, back, and joints. You may never feel relaxed even if you manage to sleep for over 8 hours. Wrong sleep posture adds to your problems.

Reduced Motion Transfer: You may have trouble sleeping with a partner who tosses and turns a lot during sleep. A good mattress can minimize motion transfer and let you sleep undisturbed. You do not feel the body movements of your partner.

Superior Quality Material: A good mattress is made using some of the finest materials. It is durable, lasts longer, and does not sag easily. The material is hypoallergenic and keeps allergies at bay. It can regulate the temperature and avoid overheating at night.

If you are now ready to float to sleep, you can check out our premium mattress range online. Get the best Sleepwell mattress at an unbeatable price and savor the experience of true comfort.

Which Type of Mattress is Good for Sleep?

Mattresses come in different types. They vary based on the material used, firmness, and size. You must choose the right one to suit your weight, sleeping position, and specific requirements, including budget.

Innerspring, foam, latex, and hybrid are the popular mattress types. Innerspring is ideal for individual sleepers looking for an affordable option. A memory foam mattress is good if you are suffering from body aches and need pressure relief along the spine.

A latex mattress is made of natural materials. It is a good choice if you sleep hot or change your position often. Hybrid mattresses have a coil spring base under foam or latex layers. This provides a combination of firmness and comfort to the sleepers.

Generally, a good mattress for sleep is of medium firmness as it offers the right mix of support and comfort. Partners who share a mattress should get one with a motion isolation feature to avoid disturbances.

Your sleeping position also has a key role to play in selecting the right mattress. If you tend to sleep on your back, you need a memory foam or hybrid mattress for proper rest. A firm mattress is the best pick for stomach sleepers. Side sleepers can choose a plush mattress with ample comfort to take the pressure off their hips and shoulders.

How Do You Find the Right Mattress For Yourself?

A survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that about 92% of people need a comfortable mattress for sound sleep. But comfort is subjective because every person’s body is different. The right mattress for good sleep is the one that feels right for you.

Here are some tips to help you pick the ‘right mattress’ and get the best sleep experience.

There’s no substitute for personal experience. You can seek others’ feedback and read online reviews. But you can never know what is right unless you experience it yourself.

You can try out the mattress at the showrooms to get the feel. But choose a company that also offers an in-home trial for at least 100 nights. It should be possible to return or exchange the mattress if you are not satisfied.

Pick a mattress that solves your specific problems. For the chronic aches and pains that kill your sleep, get an orthopedic mattress that offers targeted support to your back & joints.

Stick to reputed brands only. Do not compromise on quality for money. A mattress is your sleep companion for the next few years. Look for value instead of discounts if you really want a good mattress. Check the company’s warranty & return policies.

Try the Sleepwell mattress selector on our website and shop for the perfect mattress that offers you personalized comfort.


Sleep deprivation invites innumerable health problems and can throw your life out of gear. The kind of mattress you buy has a huge impact on your sleep quality. It may be the right time for an upgrade if your mattress does not provide the right support & comfort for a restful sleep.

You can call the Sleepwell Advisor home for doorstep assistance. Get the best Sleepwell mattress to enjoy the meditative experience that you have been longing for!

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