It’s a mistake to learn How to Remove Glance from Lock Screen

Written by Jaykant  »  Updated on: July 07th, 2024

It’s a mistake to learn How to Remove Glance from Lock Screen

The lock screen of your smartphone does not only serve as a door but also a way to show who you are and a way to stay in people’s minds. That is why smartphone brands such as Xiaomi, Realme, and Samsung keep trying to avail new customization options. The dynamic Glance smart lock screen is an example of one such feature that has captured the attention of users.

What Is Glance Smart Lock Screen?

The Glance feature will revolutionize your lock screen and completely transform your lock screen into a dynamic canvas that is alive. It invites you to immerse yourself in a visual journey with a stunning lock screen that inspires, entertains and surprises. Every day you will see a new image, handpicked with utmost care to fascinate you. So, before you go to learn how to remove Glance from lock screen, get a glimpse at what Glance has to offer to you.

What are the benefits of Glance Smart Lock Screen?

Picture this: You hold your smartphone and with a simple swipe, a breathtaking landscape, an awe-inspiring work of art, or a candid photograph of your favorite celebrity graces your lock screen. But it doesn't end there. With Glance, your lock screen becomes a gateway to a universe of knowledge and discovery.

Glance Smart Lock Screen is a pre-installed feature on MI smartphones that seamlessly integrates the wonders of the internet into your daily unlocking routine. By seamlessly connecting to the vast expanse of the online world, Glance presents you with a captivating gateway to a world of knowledge and inspiration. It's a gateway to a plethora of fascinating articles spanning sports, music, technology, entertainment, tourism, and more.

For instance, in the entertainment category, Glance Smart Lock Screen covers TV shows, movies, and celebrity news. You can find articles about upcoming releases, reviews, behind-the-scenes stories, and interviews with filmmakers and actors.

How to Remove Glance from Lock Screen

If you find yourself wanting to learn how to remove Glance from your lock screen, despite it being an immensely valuable feature for everyday life, you can follow these simple steps to customize your lock screen experience:

Step 1 of how to remove Glance from lock screen: Unlock your smartphone by entering your passcode, pattern, or biometric authentication like face recognition or fingerprint and go to the Settings menu. The Settings menu may vary based on your device's make and model and user interface, but a gear icon typically represents it.

Step 2 of how to remove Glance from lock screen: Once in the Settings menu, scroll down to find the "Display" or "Lock screen" option. Tap on the "Display" or "Lock screen" option.

Step 3 of how to remove Glance from lock screen: Look for the "Glance" option within the display settings. It will either be listed under a subcategory or directly visible on the main screen. Tap on it to proceed.

Step 4 of how to remove Glance from lock screen: In the Glance or lock screen display settings, you should find an option to disable or turn off the Glance feature. It could be a toggle switch, a checkbox, or a drop-down menu, based on your device.

Step 5 of how to remove Glance from lock screen: Disable or turn off the Glance feature by toggling the switch to the off position or unchecking the checkbox. If you're using a drop-down menu, select the option that says "None" or "Off" for the Glance display.

Step 6 of how to remove Glance from lock screen: Once you disable Glance, exit the settings menu and lock your smartphone. The Glance feature will no longer appear on your phone's lock screen.

So, now you know the steps of how to remove Glance from lock screen. However, remember that Glance News offers a convenient way to stay updated with the latest and trending news. It provides quick access to informative and entertaining content, ensuring you get all the vital information. Consider the benefits of having Glance News on your lock screen before removing it.

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