Level Up With The Power of Glance Lock Screen: Hacks & Hidden Gems for A Fun & Powerful Experience

Written by Jaykant  »  Updated on: July 07th, 2024

Level Up With The Power of Glance Lock Screen: Hacks & Hidden Gems for A Fun & Powerful Experience

Hosh Howarth's recent article on AI statistics shows that nearly half of the world's businesses use machine learning, data analysis or AI in some form. In this continuously evolving world of technology and the boom of personalisation, there's a feature that might get lost in the sea - Glance Lock Screen.

The Glance lock screen is a game-changing feature in the world of smartphone tech that redefines the boundaries of traditional lock screen wallpapers and their potential. It is a versatile 7-in-1 smart lock screen that is driven by AI and machine learning to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smartphone's lock screen but also convert your default and boring lock screen into a hub of tailored information and entertainment.

This article is constructed to form a guide where we explore the hacks and hidden gems of the Glance lock screen; and explore the reasons why the Glance lock screen is a must-have for users who love to indulge themselves in myraid of interests, preferences, and languages.

#1 Unveiling Glance Lock Screen - An Overview

We must tell you first and foremost that Glance is not an app, rather it is a feature. It's a lock screen developed by InMobi that is not just for visual appeal. It is technologically designed to bring educational, engaging and fun content at the swipe of your finger. It is influenced by AI and machine learning and therefore it can adapt to your interactions. And that helps the lock screen to curate and deliver personalised content. And, the content is not limited to boring information. It spans from health to wealth, science to entertainment, current affairs to sports and even mobile games.

It sounds premium, doesn't it? That's because it is premium. Glance lock screen feature is a pre-installed feature that's found in selective models of some of the major smartphone brands in India. For instance, Samsung, Vivo, Mi, and Realme. And, such pre-installations offer you a seamless experience that soars across devices, locations, interests and languages.

#2 Sensational Aesthetic of Glance Lock Screen

If you enable the Glance lock screen, you can move away from the mundane wallpapers of your default lock screen. The vibrant wallpapers provided in Glance range from mesmerising aesthetics to casual snapshots to artistic wonders to cuteness overload. What you want, Glance can get you exactly that.

Glance lock screen, with its power of personalisation, ensures that your lock screen is a canvas of inspiration, a space of self-expression or even a stage of amusement if that's what you need. Everything just boosts your energy levels with every glance.

It's cool, isn't it? Let's explore what else it has to offer.

#3 Instant Pop-ups of Glance Lock Screen

With Glance on your lock screen, you'll be the first to know any reliable updates that matter to you. You can not ever be left out with Glance's instant pop-ups that ensure to deliver you instant and reliable updates on your interests, and preferences. Be it updates on global events, political situations, sports highlights or scientific inventions; Glance can personalise that for you.

Not only that, each pop-up will be accompanied by a relevant, visually appealing and valid image that will feed your curiosity and ensure that you're receiving the content that you need.

#4 No Download With Glance Lock Screen

Since Glance is not an app, but a feature. It saves you your precious storage and all that hassle. But on top of that, with Glance, you don't have to download multiple apps for your multiple interests. All you need is a Glance.

Glance eliminates the need for additional installations. This allows you to access endless information without cluttering your smartphone, without damaging smartphone's your storage space and without even unlocking your smartphone; all at the swipe of your finger.

#5 Glance Lock Screen's Multiple Language Support

Glance is developed by an Indian multinational technology company based in Bengaluru. Given its past, Glance honours its birthplace and its culture by offering multi-language support; easily breaking any barriers. Glance supports some of the most spoken languages of India. For instance, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, English, etc.

This language support by Glance makes infotainment even more accessible for you all.

#6 Customised Gaming With Glance Lock Screen

Do you love gaming? Glance has the power to directly bring all the games you love to your lock screen, without needing to download the endless number of games. Its variety starts from racing, action, adventure and puzzle to who knows where!

Not only that, the games can also be personalised as per your preferences. It provides you with high-quality visuals and not to forget individualised game suggestions to ensure that you're never bored. You can even participate in tournaments and live streams of top gamers.

#7 Glance Lock Screen's Personalised Infotainment

Glance can provide you with all the latest news, updates, sports highlights, cat videos, funny dog videos, fashion trends, and whatnot. But what it does is that it understands your interests and preferences. And using that information, Glance handpicks the infotainment it provides you. Be it history, technology, literature or science.

With Glance's personalised infotainment tech, you redefine your entire infotainment experience and choose Glance as the smart feature you might ever need.

 Conclusion: Can You Download Glance?

Many people wonder if they can download Glance. The simple answer is no. Because, unlike other traditional apps, you can't download Glance. It's not even an app. Instead, the Glance comes pre-installed on some of the top smartphone brands in India.

You can escape the hassle of managing and downloading apps with Glance.


Because it can offer you everything you need in one single place and make it accessible with a single swipe.

With Glance, why would you need to download multiple apps?

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