Level Up Your Smartphone: Unlock the Hidden Power of Glance on Realme for News, Games, and More!

Written by Jaykant  »  Updated on: July 07th, 2024

Level Up Your Smartphone: Unlock the Hidden Power of Glance on Realme for News, Games, and More!

Realme mobile phone now comes with Glance, the smart lock screen that has transformed the way people use their phones. Glance feature is now found on most phones with at least two hundred and thirty million users.

This article will instruct you on how to enable Glance on Realme. Nevertheless, before we go to Glance, let’s examine its revolutionary technology and at what point was this technology born.

Innovative Technology from India

The development of Glance on Realme by an Indian startup, InMobi, in 2019 is a big step for the mobile world. Glance has revolutionized the way smartphones are used by incorporating modern technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Glance on Realme helps users by analyzing their activities and interests and giving customized content on the lock screen. This allows people to access content without having to go through multiple apps and hence, it is the easiest for users.

In a matter of a few days, Glance became successful across countries such as Indonesia, Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico. Many users around the globe have found Glance to be an impressive choice because of its ability to offer personal experiences to users. The company has also become an international smart lock screen provider.

The main selling point of the Glance feature is that it constantly reflects user interests and preferences thus being fresh and relevant. This has made it a top favourite to many users because of the desire to have a more personalized lock screen experience. Glance on Realme also has partnerships with huge brands like media, entertainment, sports, and more.

Overall, Glance feature is now ranked among the most inventive and successful smart lock screen suppliers worldwide. Through its novel method of offering personalized content and its growing international presence, Glance on Realme is set to keep on expanding and flourishing in the mobile arena for many years.

No App, No Downloading Required

Glance on Realme is a unique smart lock screen feature, which has been embedded into every Realme smartphone, unlike other third-party apps that need to be downloaded and installed. This therefore implies that users do not undergo the tiresome process of downloading an app to get personalized content. They just have to activate the Glance feature and a customized lock screen will be there for them.

The fact that Glance on Realme is a pre-installed feature ensures that it does not take up more space on the phone. This is especially vital to users with limited storage space on their phones. Furthermore, as Glance on Realme is included in the phone’s OS, it works in the background smoothly without affecting the phone’s speed.

One of the benefits of Glance on Realme is that it can offer customized content without users needing to unlock their phones. The news, trending content, and latest sports updates are available without the need to navigate through other apps or unlock the phone. Apart from saving time, it also makes users better than others in their surroundings. It also allows people to be at par with their surroundings and saves time.

A Smart Lock Screen for the Smart Ones.

Glance on Realme makes your lock screen intelligent as it offers customized content based on your liking. It is all about your passion, love, and everything else that you are into, such as sports, gaming, news, shopping, and current live trends. Users can easily use the more than 500+ without downloading games from the lock screen.

Besides these features, Glance on Realme provides T20 adda, IPL updates, and cricket match score updates and has tied up with IPL teams, enabling users to watch their net practices LIVE. On T20 Adda you can also see predictions of who will win the next match as well as pre and post-match shows. Glance is therefore an ideal platform for sports lovers wanting to follow up on news and scores.

The Glance feature has also included functions that allow one to select specific categories of content. Moreover, users can select categories of their interests like sports, entertainment, news, and lifestyle. This ensures that Glance on Realme gives the most personalized and engaging content.

Child safety is also provided in Glance, protecting children from viewing inappropriate content. Through Glance, parents can put on a child lock feature which will allow children to view child-friendly content only.

Child safety and language selection options are provided in Glance to facilitate access to content preferred by users in their language. Supporting multiple languages makes Glance on Realme a great platform for users who are from different regions and come from different cultural backgrounds.

On major mobile device brands.

Glance is on some of the leading mobile brands including Samsung, Realme, and MI, therefore, if you use different kinds of devices, probably, you probably might have noticed Glance on Realme smartphones. That is, there is no cost attached to using Glance features. These features are available for free.

Enabling Glance from your lock screen.

Here are the steps to Enable Glance on your Lock Screen:

Step 1: Go to the settings of your phone and unlock it.

Step 2: From the settings page, move down to “Display” or “Lock screen”. Click on the “Display” or “Lock screen”.

Step 3: In the display settings, look for the “Glance”. It can either be found in a smaller subcategory or displayed on the main screen. Tap on it to proceed.

Step 4: There is an option to disable or turn off the Glance function in the Glance or lock screen display settings. It could be a toggle switch, checkbox or a drop-down menu depending on your device.

Step 5: Flip the switch in the affirmative direction for the Glance switch to be enabled. When using a drop-down menu, select the “On” option for the glance.

Step 6: Go to settings, enable glance and then lock your phone. Get a “glance at experience” on your lock screen.


And now, you know how Glance on Realme can improve your life. Yet it is not some wallpaper, again. Glance is a customizable smart lock screen. If you’re not using the Glance feature on your device, activate it today.

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