LoL Clash: Aram Cup

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LoL Clash: Aram Cup

Get ready for the exciting Clash, featuring ARAM Cup! ARAM is a game mode in League of Legends where players get random champions and battle it out in one lane. It's all-out chaos and super fun!

Clash is a big tournament mode where teams compete against each other to win games and advance for exciting rewards.

In the LoL Clash: ARAM Cup, teams will battle in ARAM mode instead of the regular 5v5 mode. Get hyped, because this one will bring the madness of ARAM to the competitive Clash scene! 

What Is ARAM?

ARAM stands for "All Random, All Mid". It's a crazy game mode in League of Legends where teams of 5 players battle it out in one long lane. In ARAM, you don't get to pick your champion - it's randomly assigned to you from all the champions in the game. 

The map is called the Howling Abyss and it's just one long lane with turrets on each side. There are no jungles or other lanes, it's an all-out brawl in the middle. 

What Is Clash?

Clash is a big tournament mode in League of Legends where teams compete against each other. It's all about organized team play and showing who the best teams are.

To participate in Clash, you need to form a team of 5 players and register beforehand. The tournament happens over a weekend. Your team has to keep winning games to advance through the different rounds of the tournament bracket. The further you get, the tougher the opposition becomes!

The great thing about Clash is it lets you and your friends play competitively as an organized team. You can properly strategize, make drafts, and take on other skilled teams. Winning in Clash lets you earn special rewards and loot

LoL Clash Date, Schedule, and Rewards

The ARAM Clash tournament will take place over two days - March 23rd and March 24th. The games will run from 7 PM to 9 PM GMT+2 on both days.

As for rewards, you get them depending on which ticket you purchase and how many games you win. Here's the breakdown:

Basic Ticket Rewards:

  • 0-3 Losses: Minor rewards like XP boosts, icons, logos
  • 1-2 Wins: Emotes, ward skins, skin shards
  • 3 Wins: Emotes, icons, logos, chibi icon, skin shards up to 1350, basic ticket

Premium Ticket Rewards:

  • 0-3 Losses: Basic ticket, orange essence, 750 skin shard, logo
  • 1-2 Wins: Basic ticket, orange essence, skin shards up to 1350, logo
  • 3 Wins: Basic ticket, 750 orange essence, skin shards up to 1820, chibi icon, 10 mythic essence, 1350 skin, logo

So get that team ready! Bigger rewards await the bravest ARAM warriors in the Clash Cup.


This ARAM twist on the classic Clash format is set to deliver tons of chaos and unpredictable action. Assemble that 5-man squad, get ready for pure randomized mayhem, and embrace the madness of the ARAM Cup! Over March 23rd and 24th, teams will battle it out in the one-lane insanity of the Howling Abyss map for big rewards.

Whether you pick the basic ticket or premium ticket, performing well means scoring cool loot like emotes, icons, skin shards, and more. The premium path offers the biggest prizes like mythic essence and full skins for the top teams.

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