January 08th, 2024

Recover Hotmail Account

Recover Hotmail Account

 Hotmail is an email service that offers various features such as task and contact management, video chat, storage, and more. It also has two-factor authentication to ensure the security of your account. Additionally, Hotmail provides the option to create a strong password for your account. However, sometimes we may forget our login details or face issues due to software updates or configuration changes. If you encounter any such issues, you can reach out to our technical support team for Recover Hotmail Account. We will be happy to assist you in resolving the problem.

How to recover Hotmail account password

Hotmail is back

If you forget your Hotmail account password, you will not be able to sign in to your Microsoft Hotmail account. Answer: The first thing that comes to mind is to recover your Hotmail account password. In Part 1, we'll walk you through the steps. Recover your Hotmail account using Microsoft's online security tool.

However, if there is no information about your Hotmail account (such as the phone number, email address, or Skype ID that you used to create your Microsoft Hotmail account), you may not be able to voluntarily recover your lost Hotmail account, but there are some ways to recover it. You forgot your account password. Hotmail If you have added a Hotmail account that you want to restore in your local MS Outlook, go to Part 2 for the answer.


Part 1: Recover Hotmail account password online

Part 2: Recover Forgotten Hotmail Account Offline Password

Part 1: Recover Hotmail account password online

Hotmail account password recovery depends on your Hotmail account security settings.

Step 1: See the link: https://account.live.com/ResetPassword.aspx

Step 2: Sign in to your Hotmail account and click Next. Log in to your Hotmail account

Step 3: Once you've added an email address or phone number to Hotmail, you can select a security code to confirm and click Next to reset your Hotmail account. Otherwise, select "I'm not here" and ask to start from step 7.

How to recover Hotmail password

Step 4: Confirm your email address or phone number and click "Send Code" to receive the code.

Get the CODE

Step 5: Confirm your email address or phone number and enter the number you received during the transfer, then click Next.

Enter a number

Step 6: Reset password to recover Hotmail account. Then click Next. Your password has been changed.

Reset Hotmail account recovery password

Step 7. Unless otherwise noted above. You need to submit a request to the Microsoft account team to identify your missing Hotmail details. Enter the important information you remember and click "Next". You will receive a response within 24 hours and follow the advice or instructions.

hotmail account back

Get your Hotmail account information

 Recover Forgotten Hotmail Account Offline Password

Once your lost Hotmail account is added to Microsoft Outlook locally, it is easy to recover your Hotmail account password. To recover forgotten account passwords, we use the password recovery tool Cocosenor Outlook Email Password Tuner. Hotmail in Outlook

Step 1: Download Outlook Email Password Tuner, install it on your computer.

Step 2: Open it and click "Back" button for few seconds. All account passwords added to Outlook can be recovered and reset.

Recover Hotmail password offline

Step 3: Click "Save" button to save all saved files to local file.

Save the password again.

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