Roland Printers: Leading Innovation in Digital Printing

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 Roland DG Corporation, established in 1981, is one of the pioneers and market leaders in digital printing. The company’s goal to provide highly innovative solutions and best in class products has been consistent since day one. Roland’s founder, Ikutaro Kakehashi, was recognised for his long-lasting impact on electronic musical instrument products at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Roland ventured into digital printing in the early 1990s based on its experience in precision engineering and digital technology developed prior. The company embraced an all-in culture and a self-learning attitude to redefine global printing standards. Following, this article introduces Roland and its numerous printers, and elaborates on the technological advancements they have yielded and how widely its solutions have been adopted across various industries.

Origins and Expansion

 Established in Japan, Roland first gained a reputation for producing some of the world’s finest electronic musical instruments, and the company’s move into digital printing represented a turning point that would propel it into a wider role. Roland leveraged its engineering know-how to create some of the most cutting-edge printing technologies on the market – technologies that are increasingly being used by professionals nationwide.

Comprehensive Printer Portfolio

 Roland markets a complete portfolio of printers for all sorts of printing requirements of all kinds of industries:

 Printers: Digital Inkjet Printer: An excellent choice for a wide range of commercial prints. These printers are renowned for high resolutions, people think of fine art or architectural prints but they are also better than many HP printers for large format say 4ft signage.

 UV Printers: These printers are known for their ability to print full-colour on rigid substrates, providing exceptional durability; they are often used for display and packaging printing, as well as for the production of giveaway items such as pens and mugs.

 Textile printers: Made for textiles; printerheads designed to apply dyes and inks to fabrics so that designers can make meticulous patterns and print brighter and washproof patterns for use in the textile sector.

 Dye Sublimation Printers: Used for permanent applications on polyester fabrics that create full-colour dyes, from dry inspirational posters to vivid mood scatter pillows to customised T-shirts for sporting events, school activities or parties.

Technological Advancements

 It is this commitment to continuous innovation and technological perfection that forms the secret behind Roland’s success.

 Our Advanced Print Head Technology is engineered to offer speed, precision and unwavering reliability, helping you to create consistent, detailed prints on a variety of substrates.

 Niche Ink Systems: eco-solvent, UV, and dye-sublimation inks specifically formulated for high levels of colour vibrancy, durability and environmentally friendly nature.

 Intuitive Software Solutions: Roland’s proprietary software makes workflow more efficient, enhances colour-management accuracy, and allows colorcustomization to fit the user’s personal workspace needs and production objectives.

Applications Across Industries

Roland printers are pivotal across various sectors, empowering professionals to achieve exceptional outcomes:

 Advertising and Signage: Applications of PIB allow us to fashion attractive tarpaulins, posters or billboards made from paint with intense brighness and specialised properties to provide weatherproofing against the elements.

 Fashion and Textiles: Enabling the creation of garments, accessories, footwear, and textiles with richly coloured, complex patterns.

 Fine Art Reproduction: The process of making a high-fidelity print that retains the look and feel of the original painting.

Customer-Centric Support

Roland prioritizes customer satisfaction through robust support services:

Technical Assistance: Responsive support and troubleshooting resources to ensure seamless printing operations.

 Training and Education: Extensive workshops, tutorials and certifications aimed at empowering users to squeeze the most out of their printers.

 Community engagement: Creating a community of users to share ideas, tips and tricks, and creative inspiration for using Roland printers.

Commitment to Sustainability

Roland is committed to environmental responsibility through sustainable practices:

 Environmentally Friendly Inks: the development of ecological ink formulae, with low environmental impact and greater print quality.

 1. Energy-Efficient Design: The incorporation of energy-savings features in printer model technology and the application of eco-manufacturing techniques to counterbalance carbon footprint issues.

Future Innovations

Looking ahead, Roland continues to lead innovation in the printing industry:

 Research and Development: Investing in groundbreaking explorations into innovative inks, print speeds and automation.

 Exploring the role of new technologies such as IoT and AI to boost the functionality of printers and optimise experience, service and networking.


 Inspired by a rich heritage of pioneering ingenuity, expertise, and excellence, Roland DG Corporation continues to thrive in the digital printing industry. Our wide-format inkjets, desktop printers, engravers, milling machines and 3D printers serve the needs of business, the imagination and industry, delivering reliable, multifunction print solutions with an uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation. As technology and customer needs evolve, Roland will harness that same ingenuity, expertise, and excellence to elevate the creative and financial success of people who rely on its advanced printing solutions. For business owners, home-based professionals, and non-commercial users, Roland has set the industry standard for excellence and will remain steadfastly committed to delivering superior print quality and innovation.

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