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Section 8 Company Registration Fees

Section 8 Company Registration Fees

Section 8 company

As per the Companies Act, 2013, section 8 company is a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) that has been registered with an objective of promoting fine arts, science, literature, or knowledge that can be share purposely or for charity.

Section 8 Company Registration process

Incorporation of section 8 company is very important. The process of section 8 company registration includes the following steps given below:

Step 1- Prepare DSC, DIN & Name approval: First step is to prepare DSC (Digital Signature Certificate), DIN & application for the approval of name.

Step 2- Apply for License: Next step is to apply for the license.

Step 3- File for Incorporation: At last step, we have to file for incorporation.

Benefits of Section 8 Company Registration Online

Legal recognition

Tax exemption

Foreign funding

Better governance

Eligibility for grants

Pursuit of social objectives

Different types of NGOs in India

Trust Registration: Trust under NGO Registration procedure, generally work with eliminating poverty, giving education, and providing medical relief.

Societies Registration: Member- based organizations work for charitable goals.

Section 8 Registration: NGO registration registered with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs)

Cooperative Society: Voluntary association of individuals with members having equal voting rights.

RWA Registration: RWA is a local community organization focused on addressing the local issues.

Samiti Registration: Forming a group for a specific purpose including cultural, educational, or social activities.

Trade Unions & Associations: Organizations formed by workers and professionals to represent & protect their rights.

Religious NGOs: Work on faith- based mission including religious, cultural & social activities.

Micro Finance NGO: NGOs providing small loans, financial services, and support to low-income individuals & small entrepreneurs.

Section 8 company registration fees

Now a days, there are many fraudsters spread in the market who commit to charge a very less section 8 company registration fees as Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 2000/-, etc. But you don’t need to get confused as they all are frauds. Registration fees for the Section 8 company Incorporation cannot be so less as there are too much paper works for section 8 company registration online.

The minimum fees of Section 8 company registration will be around Rs. 10,000/- which include the stamp duty (government fees), professional fees and can vary for some states like Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, and Punjab. So, section 8 company registration fees for these states can be more.

Cost bifurcation for Section 8 company registration process as -

DSC i.e. Digital Signature Certificate with the fees of around Rs. 2000– Rs. 3,000.

Approval of name with fees of about Rs. 1,000

MOA & AOA and Incorporation fees

Stamp duty (government fees) of around Rs. 1500- Rs. 2000

Professional fees

However, section 8 microfinance company registration fees is around Rs. 50,000/- which is much more than the fees of sec 8 company registration.


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