Seeking Compensation for Hip Pain After a Fort Wayne Car Accident: Details to Understand

Written by Cameri Ross  »  Updated on: July 09th, 2024

Seeking Compensation for Hip Pain After a Fort Wayne Car Accident: Details to Understand

If you are dealing with hip pain after a car accident in Fort Wayne, you are not alone. Car accident victims commonly report hip pain. Given the important role of the hips in bodily movements, pain in this part of the body can be debilitating and can result in bigger problems over time when not treated right away. This pain can leave you relying on medications for a while or not being able to work. Because of these damages, it’s only normal to seek compensation for your losses. This is where a Fort Wayne car accident attorney you. Your attorney can build a strong case for you.

Whether the pain in the hip starts after the crash or several days later, it may have resulted from various causes.

Causes of Hip Pain Following a Car Accident

A car accident can result in a sudden, extreme force that can damage the structures that surround the hip joint such as bones, soft tissues, and muscles. Below are different hip injuries that result from car accidents:

Hip fractures. A fracture to the pelvis can lead to fractures in the different bones like the ilium, the pubis, and the ischium. Also, your hip can fracture alone your hip bone sockets. No matter the location of the fracture, a broken hip is usually a severe injury that must be treated right away.

Hip dislocation. A sudden, violent jolt during an accident can push the femur out of your hip socket. When your hips are dislocated, movement can become quite painful and hard, requiring medical attention. Also, they may damage soft tissues, blood vessels, and nerves nearby. A hip dislocation after an accident can lead to severe pain.

Hip sprains. A hip sprain occurs when the ligaments that support the hip joint stretch or tear. Ligaments attach your bones together and offer stability to your joints. Usually, a hip sprain will result in pain, decreased range of motion, tenderness, and muscle weakness. Symptoms can worsen whenever you use your hips.

Hip bursitis. The bones around the hip joint are filled with bursae. A sudden impact can lead to bone irritation and inflammation. Common symptoms of this condition include tenderness and pain along the hip and outer thigh, together with hip joint stiffness. Initially, the pain will be sharp and gradually result to soreness and duller aches after several days and weeks.

Hip tendonitis. This injury takes place because of inflamed and swollen tendons that link your muscles to the pelvis. Suden, extreme force in a crash can lead to hip tendonitis. While the symptoms can start as minor, they can worsen eventually. When not treated, future movements can be limited and painful.

Steps to Take After Experiencing Pain in a Crash

After a car accident, seek immediate medical attention. Pain in the hips can take several days or weeks to surface. So, even if you feel okay after a crash, make sure to see a doctor. The cause of hip pain can worsen gradually, possibly resulting in long-term impacts. In addition, seeing a doctor immediately can help your accident claim. When you see a physician early on following an accident, you have medical records to prove the link between your hip pain and the crash.

Moreover, you should notify your insurance company about the accident and any injuries you suffer. This way, you will have an accident report to reference. Keep in mind that although insurance is meant to safeguard you from financial difficulties, insurance companies are focused on saving money. Never agree to or sign any claim settlements from the insurer without consulting with an attorney first. The initial settlement offers from the insurer are usually lower than the true value of your case.

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