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The best Board Game you may not know

The best Board Game you may not know

The best Board Game you may not know

  Board Game is known as a game genre that is operated and interacted between many people in the form of a chessboard. This type of game often requires us to use supporting items such as dice, cards, connect 4, chess pieces, etc.

These are games that require players to have judgment skills, strategize, analyze situations and need a little luck to easily win. Each game will have a different ending time. Some games just come to an end as quickly as lightning, but on the contrary, some games also need to last up to 1 or 2 hours to complete with mind-bending mind games.

Billionaire chess

Monopoly is derived from The Landlord's Game published by Lizzie Magnesi in the United States in 1903. Besides, the game also has a special version with basic cards. The festival is: selling houses, hotels, etc. to help make the game more unpredictable and stressful. The person who wins 3 sets of different soil colors will be the winner.

Number of players: only need 2 or more people to play.


First, the player rolls 2 dice and calculates their score. Once you know what your score is, use your mascot and move forward according to the corresponding number of moves you roll.

Next, is to move to which cell on the chessboard. You need to carefully check which cell it is.

If you roll the dice and get 2 identical sides, you will win the right to play 2 times in a row. However, too much of anything is not good. If you roll 3 times and both sides are the same, your character will be "sent to jail".

When your turn is completed, it is the turn of the person on your left and will be equivalent to the steps above.

In order to win the Monopoly Board Game, you also need to understand exactly how to win the game. The game only comes to an end when all other players go bankrupt and there is only one player left who has not gone bankrupt. The last person remaining is the winner of that game.

In addition, there are cases where groups of players agree on the playing time of each game. If the game is not over after the time ends, the richest person will be the winner.

Intellectual game for 6 people or more

The list includes games with simple rules for children 3 years and older that focus on developing a skill such as math, memory, or dexterity.

1. Extract wood

Wood drawing is an intellectual game familiar to everyone. The rules of the game are very simple: players use rock, paper, scissors, dice, or numbers to decide who is first. Then, one by one, clockwise, pull out the wooden sticks. Whoever makes the wooden tower fall will be the loser.

2. Specific

Specific is an intellectual game about animals living on earth. Specific's gameplay is as follows: Throw the dice and be the first to find an animal with characteristics such as environment, food, and number of legs. Whoever gets three cards first is the winner.

3. Spot it

Spot it is a quick and quick game. The player's task is to quickly discover which two pictures are the same and name them. The person who finds the most is the winner.

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