February 12th, 2024

The Best Winter Flowers for a Colorful Home

The Best Winter Flowers for a Colorful Home

Even though it's cold outside, you can still bring vibrant colors into your home during the winter by decorating with beautiful winter flowers from your local florist in Tulsa. Whether you want to brighten up your living room, add a warm touch to your kitchen, or give your bedroom a pop of color, there are several lovely blooms to choose from. In this post, we will share our top picks for the best winter flowers and how you can use them to create a colorful home all season long.


One of our personal favorite winter flowers is the gorgeous amaryllis. Native to South Africa, these striking bulb plants produce large, trumpet-shaped blooms atop tall, sturdy stems in an array of colors like crimson red, vibrant pink, and sunny yellow-orange. Order a few amaryllis bulbs from a reputable flower shop in Tulsa OK and pot them up in early winter. Place them in a sunny window and wait for the magic to unfold over the next several weeks as huge, velvety flowers emerge that will stop you in your tracks.

Amaryllis makes exceptional living room decor and also makes great holiday gifts. Just imagine presenting a friend with a showstopping amaryllis bulb timed to flower around Christmas! For best results, cut the flowers once they fade and allow the bulb to rest before re-blooming it next year.


Another personal winter flower favorite is the graceful cyclamen. These charming blooms have gently nodding white, red, pink, or purple flowers with striking dark green and silvery patterned leaves. Cyclamen prefers cool temperatures and indirectly bright light during winter dormancy. Tuck cyclamen pots into windowsills around your home and marvel at their delicate beauty all season long. They're one of our top recommendations for an eye-catching, low-maintenance options.


No list of the best winter flowers would be complete without sweetly fragrant paperwhite narcissus bulbs. Paperwhites are supremely easy to grow—just balance the bulbs with their roots submerged in small stones and water and place them in a sunny spot. Soon, a burst of elegant flowers on tall stems emerges, filling indoor spaces with their fresh, heady perfume for weeks on end.

Though paperwhites don’t usually come in colors, some specialty bulb growers offer rare paperwhite varieties in pastel pink, soft yellow, or peach. Track these down from a quality flower shop if you want to grow something extra unique this year. The bonus? Paperwhites will happily bloom for years if cared for properly after flowering each winter.


Camellias are evergreen flowering shrubs that bloom in a spectrum of colors during late fall and winter. Their gorgeous ruffled blooms look like roses and come in single colors like red, pink, and white or pretty combinations like pink splashed with white. Though camellias thrive outdoors in warmer zones, you can enjoy them inside by working with your local flower shop to source cut stems for floral arrangements.

The next time you order a flower delivery in Broken Arrow OK for winter, ask them to incorporate camellias for their long-lasting, eye-catching beauty and wonderful fragrance. Display the arrangements around your home and pinch off spent blooms to encourage more flowering. If you're looking for a fantastic local florist to help decorate your home with gorgeous winter blooms, look no further than Wild Orchid. Order today!

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