January 20th, 2024

The Right Way to Get Rid of Your Refrigerator

The Right Way to Get Rid of Your Refrigerator

You will inevitably find yourself needing to replace your old refrigerator or upgrade to a newer model. Surprisingly, it's not as simple as unplugging it and leaving it at the curb for trash collection. Disposing of a fridge requires a bit more effort, but there are several options available.

Why it's important to properly dispose of an old refrigerator

Refrigerators are more than just storage units for food; they contain chemicals like oils, refrigerants, and foam for insulation. These components can be harmful to humans, animals, and the environment if not handled properly. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) mandates that utility companies, retailers, or recyclers adhere to specific disposal and compliance requirements. Hiring a local professional for appliance removal ensures proper recycling and handling of dangerous components.

How to dispose of a refrigerator

The weight and bulk of refrigerators make their disposal challenging. Leaving them at the curb for regular garbage pickup is not advisable. Here are some safe and convenient methods to get rid of your refrigerator:

1. Ask a Retailer for Haul Away

Many appliance retailers provide a service to haul away your old refrigerator when you purchase a new one. This not only saves time and strain on your back but also ensures proper refurbishing or recycling. Inquire about the retailer's recycling program for old refrigerators to guarantee proper handling.

2. Your Electric Company

Some utility companies offer recycling services for refrigerators, providing rebates for recycling old units and purchasing more energy-efficient ones. Contact your utility company to learn about these programs, which may include credits or rebates on your utility bill.

3. Check into the RAD Program

The EPA's Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program connects consumers to partners nationwide equipped to recycle refrigerators properly. Enter your zip code on the EPA site to find the nearest partners. While some may charge a small fee, they ensure correct disposal of your refrigerator.

4. Call Your Local Waste Management or Junk Removal Service

Local waste management companies or municipalities handling regular trash collection may offer pickup services for bulky items, including old refrigerators. Ensure compliance with EPA regulations, even if extra fees apply.

5. Contact a Local Scrap Metal Recycler

Reach out to a local scrap-metal recycler for proper refrigerator recycling. Some recyclers may even pay you for the metal components of the appliance.

6. Sell it Online

If your refrigerator is still in good condition, consider selling it through an online marketplace. This not only earns you extra dollars but also helps others save money on a new refrigerator.

7. Donate Your Old Refrigerator

If the appliance still has life in it, consider donating it to friends, family, neighbors, schools, or charitable organizations in need.


When it comes to disposing of your refrigerator responsibly, consider the options mentioned above to ensure proper recycling and handling of hazardous components. For hassle-free removal in Pensacola, FL, you can also explore the services of "Roll Off Container Rental Pensacola FL".

For convenient disposal solutions, check our location in Pensacola, FL, and make the environmentally conscious choice for refrigerator disposal.

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