Third Party Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer in India

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Third Party Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer in India

Third Party Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer in India

Welcome to Alicanto Biotech Pvt Ltd, the top Third Party Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer in India. With our expertise in ayurvedic formulations and commitment to premium quality, we are your trusted company for ayurvedic third-party manufacturing. Discover the benefits of choosing Alicanto biotech Pvt Ltd as your manufacturing partner and start your business of Ayurvedic products in the market.

What Makes Alicanto Biotech Your Ultimate choice as your Ayurvedic subsidiary company?

At Alicanto Biotech Pvt Ltd, we feel delighted in being selected among the top Ayurvedic third-party manufacturers, undefined

1: Experience and Expertise:

The Ayurvedic industry has given us the privilege to acquire the experience and expertise we deserve as well as we have gained very rich knowledge in herbal & ayurvedic formulations. We have top professionals who are and truly committed to creating efficient herbal groundings.

2: Infrastructure:

Rightly say, we have our own manufacturing plant, where we use the best equipment and up to date machines. We focuses on producing the Ayurvedic products in the highest level of proficiency, exactness and abiding by the stringent quality control methods governing us.

3: Ayurvedic variety offers wide range of products:

Alicanto Biotech provides the widest range of manufacturing capabilities for Ayurveda and herbal formulations to third parties. Whether it’s the herbal supplements or shampoo, skin care products or personal care products.

4: Quality Assurance:

We are committed to have the highest quality achieve any time, and our first commitment for our service. We have a high-spec laboratory where all products undergo thorough testing to guarantee product effectiveness, safety, and conformance with the relevant regulatory protocols. By being GMP-compliant, we are able to control the quality in the manufacture of our poor and supply high-quality Ayurvedic products.

5: Customized Solutions:

We know that demands for any item are special. Flexibly offering tailored solutions at Alicanto Biotech is our goal in serving your exact needs. Encompassing product formulation, packaging design, and all the way down to the labeling and bottling processes, we always ensure every step of the way is to fit the brand’s vision.

Our Services

Alicanto Biotech provides complete services as an Ayurvedic third-party manufacturing company. We Offer

Product Formulation:

Our team members will assist you in formulating your products to make it unique and effective as per your requirements.

Manufacturing and Packaging:

We manufacture your product in well-equipped GMP manufacturing unit, we ensure the efficient production of your products. It including filling, packaging, labelling, and sealing.

Quality Control:

We undergo the product with strict quality control protocols throughout the manufacturing process.

Regulatory Compliance:

We ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and guidelines to guarantee that your products meet all necessary legal standards.

on Time Delivery:

We deliver the product timely. Our efficient logistics and streamlined processes ensure prompt and reliable delivery of your products.

Demand For Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturers In India:

Due to the increasing demand for superior quality Ayurvedic products, there is immense demand for ayurveduc third party manufacturers in India. It is said that the third party manufacturing business has increased by 4% in the last two years. It is also expected that this growth will increase continuously in the upcoming years. So if you are thinking to do business in Ayurvedic and herbal healthcare products you have come to the right business.


There are many benefits of investing in Ayuvedic Third Party Manufacturing companies in India. These benefits are:

• Less investment but huge profit in return.

• No need to do the promotion of your business as todays people are already aware with the effectiveness of ayurvedic medicines.

Become A Strategic Partner Of Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing Company in India With Alicanto Biotech

We welcome all the companies & business partners who are looking for genuine Ayurvedic third party manufacturers in India. In addition, we possess good production facilities and laboratory with own testing systems, which allow us to provide high quality products. Strong and effective R&D. TNP group, Alicanto Biotech which is one of the leading Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing Companies in India having more than 200 Pharmaceutical products, Beauty products and OTC products provides specialized services to meet up your needs.

There are many reasons which makes you to choose us are:

Quick and on time delivery of all the manufactured products.

We provide a reliable supply of good quality products.

Less investment and high profits.

Well experienced staff members.

We manufacture 100% tested ayurvedic products with no side effects.

Maintain proper hygiene.

Strict quality check. This is so to give the defected free and reliable ayurvedic products to the customers.

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Contact Us:

Feel free to reach out to us for any kind of assistance. We look forward to doing business with you.

Name : Alicanto Biotech

Address : Plot No-159, Industrial Area Phase 2, Panchkula, Haryana (134113)

Contact Person : Atin Arora (Director)

Phone : +91 7888491021

Email : [email protected]

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