January 31st, 2024

Tips & Tricks for Efficient DreamMail MBOX to PST Export with Attachments

Tips & Tricks for Efficient DreamMail MBOX to PST Export with Attachments

Summary/Overview: This post offers the best free methods for converting DreamMail MBOX files to PST files. It includes both an automatic method and a manual method for accomplishing this. However, you should use the third-party MBOX to PST converter program right away if you want a risk-free option. Therefore, read this guide through to the conclusion if you're a single user and wish to convert MBOX to PST.

Techniques for Freely Converting DreamMail MBOX to PST File Format

We will go over a few reliable methods in this part for converting DreamMail MBOX files to Outlook PST file types. Let's give them a go.

Note: Make sure you back up your DreamMail MBOX file before using the methods listed below to convert it.

Method 1: Employ Different Email Programs

Installing Eudora, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, and Microsoft Outlook on your computer is necessary for this procedure. After obtaining all of these, take the actions listed below:

  • First, import the mailbox data into an Apple Mail account.
  • You need to start Apple Mail on your PC.
  • Click File >> Import Mailboxes after that.
  • Select the MBOX file (source) now, then hit Continue.
  • You need to choose MBOX files in the browse wizard. Press the next button.
  • Just click Done after this process is finished.

Step 2: Create the New Mailbox in Eudora

  • To begin with, rename the imported file and add the mbox file extension.
  • Move them to the Eudora directory after that.
  • Eudora is located in C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Qualcomm.
  • After that, just double-click the.mbx file in Eudora.
  • Shut off the Eudora program thereafter.

Step 3: Open Outlook Express and import the MBOX file from Eudora.

  • Launch Outlook Express and select File > Import > Messages.
  • From the choice of email programs that appears, select Eudora and click Next.
  • Click OK after going to the location where the.mbox file is located.
  • Click Next, Next, and Finish after that.
  • Outlook Express will store the imported file in its local folders.

Step 4: Transfer the mailbox from MS Outlook to Outlook Express.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select the File menu >>, then select the Import/Export option under Open & Export.
  • Select "from another program or files" for import and press the Next button.
  • Make a choice. Click Next after selecting "Import Internet Mail and Addresses."
  • Select "Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, or window mail" at this point, then click the Next button.
  • Next, select a file to import and export from a browser menu, and then press the Next button.
  • Click the Finish button to complete the procedure.

Method 2: Converting DreamMail MBOX files to PST files using MS Outlook and Thunderbird

Using both MS Outlook and Thunderbird to convert DreamMail MBOX files to PST is an additional option you can attempt.

The detailed directions to do this activity are as follows:

  • First, let's save Thunderbird. Emails from MBOX in the EML Files
  • Launch the Thunderbird email program and select "New Folder" from the menu when you right-click on a folder.
  • After putting in the name, select Create Folder.
  • Select the emails that need to be converted, then send them to the new folder.
  • Select the entire email after that, then click "Save As." The emails will now be stored at a selected place in EML format.
  • Open the folder containing the EML files at this point.
  • You now need to drag and drop the EML files into an Outlook application.

Convert the MBOX (EML) files to PST format in step two.

  • Once Outlook is open, select File from the menu, then Open & Export, then Import/Export.
  • Select "Export to a file" from the Import/Export wizard and press the Next button.
  • Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) after that, then select Next.
  • Click the Next button after selecting a folder containing the EML files.
  • Indicate the location in which you wish to store a fresh PST file. Choose a desired choice from the list.
  • Press the "Finish" button.
  • Ultimately, PST files are created from the EML files.

That is all.

A Swift and Intelligent Way to Convert DreamMail MBOX Emails to Outlook PST

If you are a non-technical user and don't want any hurdles to converting DreamMail MBOX files to PST format, then try the Mailvita MBOX to PST Converter Software for Mac. There are no chances of data loss. Both technical and non-technical users can also use this app to convert DreamMail MBOX files to PST format. The app can work with all Windows OS and Mac OS versions. Users can select the file or folder where they want to convert DreamMail MBOX files to PST format. Get the free demo version of this app to learn more about its features and capabilities.

Last Words,

In the end, users can use both techniques to convert DreamMail MBOX files to PST formats. The free method can convert a DreamMail MBOX file to PST format, but it has multiple disadvantages. With the free method, users can only convert a single DreamMail MBOX file to PST format. When users select the professional method to convert DreamMail MBOX emails to PST, there are no chances of data loss. Get the free demo version of this app.

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