Top 5 Mattresses Under 10,000 INR in India for Affordable Comfort

Written by mattress  »  Updated on: July 07th, 2024

Top 5 Mattresses Under 10,000 INR in India for Affordable Comfort

Sleep deprivation is a severe health hazard that can lead to numerous complications. There's no denying the fact that good sleep is a mirage if your mattress is old or of poor quality. So, the time may be ripe to upgrade your bed if you are spending sleepless nights off late.

However, there are a plethora of mattress brands and types available in the market today. Choosing the right mattress that meets your needs and fits your budget is an overwhelming exercise. But what if we say that you need not shell out huge bucks to get a great mattress?

With painstaking research, we have compiled a list of the top 5 mattresses under Rs.10,000 for you. Get a sound sleep and save a ton of money by making the right choice. Go ahead and enjoy luxury at affordable prices!

Best Mattresses Under Rs.10,000

A good mattress is one that fulfils these criteria:

Belongs to a reputed company/brand

Good material quality and high durability

Offers the right blend of comfort & support

Available in different sizes to match your requirements

Suitable for all sleeping positions and age groups in your family

You have a great bargain if you can get a double mattress with all these qualities under Rs.10,000. Here's the list for your perusal.

#1: Sleepwell Dual Pro Profiled Mattress

A market leader with a stellar track record of over five decades, Sleepwell is one of India's most trusted mattress brands. The company pioneered the modern mattress revolution in the country by crafting personalized sleep solutions for new-age consumers with diverse lifestyle needs. No matter what your comfort preferences are, Sleepwell has just the right product for you.

A good Sleepwell mattress under Rs.10,000 is the Dual Pro Profiled Mattress. At Rs.9,950 for a queen-sized bed, it offers great value for budget-conscious shoppers who do not want to compromise on quality. The ultra-gentle and firm feel of the mattress relaxes your muscles with its wave profile.

Enjoy the blissful massage experience with the soft PU foam material offering a snug & cosy feel. The unique profiling of the mattress enhances airflow and offers distinct pressure relief with optimal body support. All Sleepwell mattresses are integrated with Neem Fresche, a unique anti-microbial technology to protect sleepers from respiratory issues and allergies.

#2: Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

Started in 2016, Wakefit has a range of home products for the modern Indian household. Providing superior-quality products at affordable prices is the brand's hallmark feature. A strong focus on research and passion for customer delight is part of the company's ethos as it strives to solve problems in our everyday lives. Both luxury and comfort are right at your doorstep when you buy a Wakefit mattress to gift yourself deep & sound sleep.

The Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress offers you an array of benefits at just around Rs.9,000. The mattress is usable on both sides as it provides a medium-soft and medium-firm feel on opposite sides to suit your preference. The Aero Tek knit fabric is soft and breathable. The high resilience and responsive foam material enhances its durability.

The product comes with a 100-day risk-free trial and a 7-year warranty. So go ahead and order the mattress without any fear. Let it lull you into a deep slumber at night and make you feel reinvigorated all through the day.

#3: Sleepyhead Flip

Sleepyhead was launched in 2017 to cater to the unmet needs of the modern mattress shopper. It introduced the revolutionary 'bed-in-a-box' concept to deliver a transformative shopping experience for customers. Sleepyhead mattresses are plush and available in trendy designs to suit your aesthetic sense.

Sleepyhead Flip is a dual-sided foam mattress designed for both softness & firmness. Now, you need not compromise on comfort for support or vice versa. The soft side has a rich, cushioned feel, and you just have to flip the mattress for a firm, supportive feel. The soft knit fabric removes body heat and provides a breathable sleep environment. The mattress easily adapts to your body, irrespective of your sleeping position.

Go for the Sleepyhead Flip if you want to buy a mattress under Rs.10,000. At a price point of around Rs.7,500, the mattress is a steal for quality-conscious bargain hunters. Sleepyhead embarks you on a magical sleep that can drift you to dreamland every night. Experience the joy of flipping for sound sleep with Sleepyhead Flip.

#4: Flo Ergo

Luxury sleep is now within the reach of every household. You may wonder how. There's an interesting story behind the launch of the Flo mattress brand. The founder previously worked for a company that supplied mattresses to top hotels & resorts in India. Driven by the urge to offer the same luxurious sleep experience at every home, Flo was launched in 2018. The Flo mattresses are designed to provide what sleepers care about the most.

If ever there's a beauty contest for mattress brands under Rs.10,000, Flo Ergo is sure to win hands down. It offers perfect ergonomic support to working professionals who spend long hours at their desks. The feel of this reversible mattress is medium-soft. The top layer has a gel-infused and temperature-sensitive memory foam. This enables the surface to mould itself to your body shape and keeps it cool.

The mattress cover is made of high-quality cashmere fabric and treated with aloe vera gel to nourish your skin. The unique 3D Air-Flo technology removes body heat and lets you sleep without an AC to boot.

#5: Springtek Dreamer Orthopedic Memory Foam

Established in 2010, Springtek is a trusted Indian mattress brand with a penchant for providing the best sleep products at affordable prices. Their products are a perfect blend of functionality, minimalism, and luxury design. Springtek has some of the best mattresses under Rs.10,000.

If you have been struggling with body aches or back pain, the Springtek Dreamer Ortho mattress can come to your rescue. It has multiple support layers to provide relaxation and induce deep, natural sleep. It is made of high-quality polyurethane foam to make the surface firm & fit for the side, back, and stomach. The progressive support layers alleviate pressure points and offer enhanced support to your lower back.

With a price point of just over Rs.7,000, the Springtek Dreamer Orthopedic mattress offers the right bang for your buck.


Luxury and comfort do not always sport an expensive price tag. There are several mattresses for budget-conscious shoppers that do not compromise on quality. The top 5 mattresses in this category have been handpicked in this article to make your job easier. With long warranty periods, free trials, and value pricing, you have little to lose and everything to gain when you set out shopping for the perfect mattress.

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