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Travel Advertisement Examples  | Creative Travel Ads

Have you ever come across an ad so mesmerizing that it has made you want to drop whatever you're doing, pack your bags, book your tickets, and make the next trip? That's the magic of travel ads. They pull you into a world far different than yours and make you yearn to be a part of it.

Spontaneous travelers are always on the lookout for their next trip. Working people plan their long weekends to chill and enjoy their time off. Families look for their next vacation stop as soon as summer arrives. This is an excellent opportunity for travel or tourism companies to attract as many visitors as they can. Moreover, it also has good revenue for these destinations.

To show you the beauty and creativity of travel ads, we've compiled a list of the best travel advertisement examples from around the world. Whether you're looking for your next travel destination or for some inspiration for your ads, this blog is for you.

1- Travel Oregon's Only Slightly (More) Exaggerated

Ads always have one thing in common- exaggeration. Travel Oregon rolls with this narrative in their 'Only Slightly (More) Exaggerated' campaign.

This ad stood out in travel advertising with its Studio Ghibli-inspired cartoons. Travel Oregon paints surreal animation where mountains and clouds come to life, trees and lakes unite in a heartwarming scene, and the beauty of small-town life is shown.

Being one of the best travel advertisement examples you can come across, it compels you to live an experience of your childhood dream. Keep it only slightly exaggerated. 

2- Rajasthan's Jane Kya Dikh Jaye

Rajasthan made an iconic comeback to travel advertising after 25 years with their 'Jane Kya Dikh Jaaye'- translated to 'Who knows what you might find.' This is one of the travel advertisement examples that follows six films, five of which are named after the protagonist tourists who explore the lesser-known sides of the state.

The campaign unveils itself with an exceptional logo of camels and birds that portray a Rajasthani person's face if you look from afar. It keeps the spirit of Rajasthan alive by incorporating its culture, places of importance, camels, and local folk music as background.

These travel advertisement examples make you focus on the underrated adventures and surprises that come along when you visit a place with an open heart and open mind.

3- Iceland's OutHorse Your Emails

'Outsource' and 'OutHorse'. Cool wordplay, right?

Work emails while on vacation always make your smile drop. Iceland gets your struggle and came up with the perfect solution —let the horses handle it! With majestic horses that write gibberish email replies, you can rest assured enjoy your experience in the beauty of Iceland.

This advertisement for travel showcases real-world problems of travelers in the quirkiest way ever that keeps you engaged throughout. With a problem that has no obvious answer, the ad encourages you to take a break from your busy work life.

4- Queensland's The Best Job in the World

Imagine an ad that is not only an ad but also an opening for the best job in the world.

The year is 2009 and the world is talking about the best job in the world that Queensland just offered - six months as the caretaker of Hamilton Island. The ad was published in newspapers as a job opening all over the world, listing the description and inviting job applications. It was all over the news over the next few days, and applicants went wild with their enthusiasm for the job.

Considered as one of the best travel advertisement examples, it successfully harnessed the power of word of mouth. The result was 8 million website visitors, 55 million page views and over 34,000 applications from 197 countries. This unique advertising approach is a testament to creativity in travel advertising, making it one of the best travel ads ever made.

5- Sweden's Spellbound

Travelers with a thing for mystery and thrillers- this one is for you! Sweden aims to attract a specific target audience with their incredibly dark ads for travel.

Spellbound by Sweden is a short, chilling audio story based on Swedish folklore set in the Swedish forests. The ad portrays a traveler who has a series of confusing nightmares and wakes up to find himself haunted in a forest. As explained by Erica Gruvberg, a consultant for Visit Sweden, "In the past, people believed that different creatures lived in the forest. With this story, we allow people of today to experience what it could be like". It keeps its roots in the cultures and mythology of Swedish culture.

This is one of the travel advertisement examples that keeps you on your toes, questioning things and wanting to explore answers that lie in the forests of Sweden.

6- Aibnb's Get an Airbnb

The idea for Get an Airbnb started with them listening to the actual guests and hosts.

Their goal was to improve Airbnbs' approachability and attract more first-time guests for a stay. They took this up with playful animations that were inspired by real Airbnb homes. The focus was on highlighting three aspects- more space and privacy in better value. They gave attention to the struggles travelers face in hotels, and illustrated how Airbnbs can be a better option for the perfect vacation.

Airbnb always comes up with the best travel ads, making them perfect travel advertisement examples.

7- Emirates' Fly Better

Travel isn't just about the destination; it's about how you get there. That's the objective Emirates focuses on in their Fly Better advertisement.

The ad focuses on luxury, comfort, and world-class services for passengers in the premium segment. They appeal to travelers interested in experiencing all kinds of adventures. This travel ad cleverly taps into a passenger's desire for comfort and entertainment during the ride and is one the best travel advertisement examples that focuses on premium passengers.

8- It's Time for Kerela

Kerela Tourism's advertisement focuses on what all of us need in this hustle of life- a break. A break from gadgets, from household chores, and from work life. Kerela encourages you to turn off your mobile phones and connect with the natural colors of life.

Their travel advertising is on the spot when it comes to being relatable and understanding the innermost struggles of urban families. With many other ads about culture and ethnicity, Kerela has some of the best travel ads to offer.

9- Malaysia, Truly Asia

Malaysia's travel ad campaign focuses on one thing—diversity. The country has a population of three major Asian ethnicities—Malay, Chinese, and Indian—and has been historically influenced by Europe and Islam. The advertisement takes you on a visual journey by highlighting Malaysia's cultural richness and hospitality.

The travel advertisement effectively delivers its goal- a promise to an exciting experience of diversity in Asia.

10- Airbnb's Let's Keep Travelling Forward

It's not very often that travel advertising companies take up political statements through ads.

The company offering homestays clearly expresses its beliefs and values that encourage meeting new people and experiencing other cultures. This was in response to the US Supreme Court upholding the travel ban in June 2018.

This is one of the bold travel advertisement examples that asks you to imagine a place where everyone built walls around themselves and could not leave their homes. There would have been no immigrants, no exploration, and no progress forward. Through this ad, the company displays a progressive and explorative brand spirit.


When it comes to the best travel advertisement examples, there are wonders and places we are yet to see.

All these ads have one thing in common—great storytelling. From on-the-spot emotions to stunning visuals that take you through a visual journey of the countries, the best travel ads capture the spirit of exploration. By understanding what resonates with the audience, travel advertising companies look for unique stories to tell. They intend to evoke a world of possibilities that make you want to embark on your next destination. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why should I look at travel advertisement examples?

Travel ads can provide you with insights into strategic marketing and visual styles to help with your ads.

Are there any travel advertisement examples that use innovative technology? 

Yes! Travel advertising has been increasingly using AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and AI. You can check out VisitBritain's Fake (Br)it Till You Make It voice tech game. 

Are there any platforms I can use to publish my ads?

Yes, you can use travel ad networks like 7Search PPC and Google Ads to publish your ads. 

How do travel advertisement examples differ across cultures?

Travel advertising differs across cultures by showcasing the unique cultures and expectations of travelers. 

How important is storytelling in travel advertising?

Storytelling creates an emotional connection- making the potential travelers envision their next destination. 

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