Travelport Galileo Integration

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Travelport Galileo Integration

How Does Travelport Galileo Integration Help Travel Management Companies?

Travelport is one of the world's largest providers of travel services, and they now provide the Galileo global distribution solutions system. Travelport develops technology to improve the experience of buying and managing travel, and it provides products and solutions for all elements of the travel supply chain.

Galileo is an application programming interface (API) that enables customers to develop an interface, such as a website connected to Galileo. The Galileo GDS API is useful for checking and booking airline, car, hotel, and cruise availability and booking.

It offers distribution, technology, and a payment solution for hotels, allowing agencies to access real-time inventory and price information to sell hotel rooms or flight tickets to their clients. It runs alongside your existing API solutions for effective and low-risk implementation.

Travelport's Powerful Commerce Platform and Product Solutions

Airlines: Solutions for network and low-cost carriers are distributed through the Travelport Commerce Platform and are linked to over 400 airline partners worldwide to help maximize revenues. The flight solution provided by Travelport GDS assists airline suppliers in strengthening their online flight reservation system and linking travel agency software to the inventories that compose the Travelport GDS.

Hotel: Independent, boutique, and chain hotels can join the 650,000 hotel properties in over 180 countries when connected to the Travelport GDS hotel system. These Hotel APIs manage pricing, availability, and a wide range of rooms, allowing you to provide the best solutions to your clients.

The Hotel Booking API is used to make hotel reservations through websites. All data is connected to availability, supplier, type, and functionality. We also provide a Hotel CRS system where you can also have self-contracted hotels and display them on the booking system to book tickets.

Car: Travelport offers a best-in-class car rental reservation system. Provide the best car rental deals to end-users (B2C/B2B) and corporations.

Railway: Experts at Travelport can help you in selling more rail tickets. Using strategic display and marketing, we ensure agency experts, corporate customers, and commercial consumers choose Rail.

Cruise line: Cruise companies can market and promote their brand to over 68,000 travel agency locations worldwide using dynamic and comprehensive agent tools.

Tour: At Travelopro, we integrate your business into the Travelport API. Tour operators can increase their reach and share travel packages with 68,000 global travel agency locations.

Are You Looking for A Fully-Featured Travel Booking System?

Travelopro is a leading travel solution provider that boasts of its expertise in providing consulting, and development for all the aspects of B2B & B2C Galileo GDS / Travelport GDS / Galileo API Integration and related solutions.

Our development team has the upper hand in developing a cutting-edge Galileo reservation system for airline booking, hotel booking, car rentals, bus bookings, rail bookings, and cruise bookings. With the Galileo integration, you can connect to customers and other service providers through multiple channels.

It benefits you and your customers by lowering costs and increasing profits. Galileo GDS provides access to a world of content and functionality via web services APIs and desktop connections. It's intended to work in tandem with your existing API solutions for a quick and low-risk implementation.

Our experienced developers ensure Travelport Software connects effortlessly with your business’s proprietary software bringing together leading travel suppliers with online and offline travel buyers to facilitate travel commerce via their B2B and B2C travel commerce platform.

Benefits of Travelport Galileo GDS Integration

• Real-time access to inventory and contents

• Can be integrated into any central reservation system or travel CMS

• Can provide individual identity to travel agents

• Gradual increase in revenue

• Enhanced efficiency

• Decease in the operating cost

• Increase in productivity

• Sales enhancement

• Customized solution

• Allows capturing new marketing opportunities.

• The travel agents/tour operators can reach the maximum number of buyers or travel partners and travel distributors

Why do Travel Agents Need Access to GDS Systems like Travelport Galileo?

Travelport Galileo GDS system is the most widely used and popular Global Distribution System in the travel industry. Galileo GDS provides one-stop travel service implementation solutions for the travel sector, including computer reservation software, cutting-edge travel systems, and web services XMLs.

The Galileo reservation system is the leading provider of airline reservation software, and it is integrated with almost all major airlines in the world. It also provides travel agents with desktop solutions (search and book) and online services XML to connect to the central database.

Travelport GDS provides unified access to a massive inventory of flights, hotel rooms, car rental businesses, cruises, and much more. It increases business opportunities by allowing travel agencies to serve customers at any time.

Galileo System provides instant access to travel deals in Real-Time which helps in the enhancement of the performance of the websites. A global distribution system is a computerized network that eases transactions and networking between travel service providers and travel agents. Travel agents can also be connected directly to airlines or hotels via a GDS system.

Features of Travelport Galileo Integration

• Various sales channels – B2C, B2B, B2B2B, call centre, front desk

• Low prices ownership

• Online booking engine – flight, hotel, holiday package, car, sightseeing, and transfers

• Integration of GDS, XML & travel API integration

• Travel booking management system

• Complete reporting module

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