Experienced Vidnoz's Free, Powerful Text to Video AI Generator

Written by Rahul Gupta  »  Updated on: June 19th, 2024

Experienced Vidnoz

The era of high-end video production tools and advanced editing software is upside down. Welcome to the age of AI-powered video creation, where everyone can become a filmmaker—and it's easier than ever! There are lots of tools, but which one to pick? That's the headache everyone is facing.

The only answer is Vidnoz! This free online tool allows you to generate high-quality, interesting videos with your creativity.

Vidnoz reduces the barriers to video creation. Whether you're a professional marketer, a new company, or someone looking to tell a great tale, you don't require video editing skills to use Vidnoz. Its simple UI and user-friendly tools make doing things easy.

Let's see how fast and perfectly the Vidnoz AI video generator works for everyone! 

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Vidnoz Text-to-Video Generator: Like Human Video Editor

Suppose you have an excellent blog post or a great script. Isn't it great to bring those words to life in a compelling video? 

Vidnoz's text-to-video AI solution delivers exactly what it says. Simply paste your text and select from an extensive library of video templates and AI-powered avatars, and Vidnoz will create a professional-looking video that suits your script.

Featured With Amazing Face Swap Technology

Consider starring in your explainer video or making a humorous parody clip. Vidnoz's face swap technology allows you to smoothly replace your (or anyone else's!) visage with a previously recorded video. This brings up new creative options for marketing campaigns, educational content, and even personalised social media greetings.

Professional Customization at Your Fingertips

Vidnoz does more than just make videos; it also lets you personalise them. With hundreds of AI-powered avatars and real human voices to select from, you can completely match the appearance and feel of your video to your brand or message. You may also add background music, do a face swap, and add sound effects to improve the viewing experience further.

Advanced Features for All Types of Videos

Vidnoz offers plenty of features that go beyond the basic functionalities. Let's look at some of the highlighted features.:

  • AI Avatars: Turn your videos to life with over 800+ realistic AI avatars that can react and deliver your message with perfect lip-syncing.
  • AI Conversation: Create entertaining and informative videos by mimicking attractive communication between two AI avatars.
  • AI Voice Cloning: Want to add some celebrity style? Vidnoz's AI voice cloning can replicate almost any voice with outstanding accuracy.
  • Create Videos with Anything: Finally, this AI text-to-video tool lets you add photos, audio samples, and animations to your videos.

Free AI Video Generator Tool for Everyone!

Vidnoz is a popular text to video generator due to its accessibility and ease of daily use. It is free to use and eliminates the cost challenges with video editing software. Its cloud-based platform lets you make high-quality videos in minutes without downloading or installing anything. 

Vidnoz's easy design makes it suitable for users of all skill levels. It provides a variety of categories for creating text and AI movies, including business, blogs, products, commercials, promotions, education, etc.

How to Convert Text to Video with Vidnoz?

Vidnoz provides a simplified process for making professional-looking videos. Here is a quick look at how it works:

  1. Choose a Template & Avatar: Kick-start your project with a pre-made template or select an AI avatar to convey your message (text-to-speech). You can even start with a blank option (this option is perfect for a text-to-video AI generator).
  2. Enter Script: Now, you will be given an option to paste a written script for your video. 
  3. Create AI Voiceover/Face Swapping: Write a compelling script and let Vidnoz's AI generate a natural-sounding voiceover in whatever language and style you like. You can also use AI face swapping in your video clips.
  4. Add Custom Touch: Enhance your video by adding background music, sound effects, and footage (AI Video Editing).
  5. Choose Scenes for Videos: After adding a perfectly aligned video setting, you can adjust and move video scenes where you want to show them.
  6. Generate AI Video: Vidnoz converts your script and artistic touches into a professional video in only a few clicks.


Generating engaging video content is more essential than ever in the modern age. Vidnoz's advanced AI features, user-friendly interface, and unlimited customisation choices enable anyone to become a video creator. So get rid of the pricey software and unleash your creativity to create fast, accurate, free, and amazing videos in a snap!

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