What Are The Different Types of Carpets Available in Dubai?

Written by fixitflooring  »  Updated on: July 07th, 2024

What Are The Different Types of Carpets Available in Dubai?

Dubai has a wide range of carpets, from traditional hand-knotted oriental rugs to soft machine-woven wall-to-wall carpeting. There is something for every home's style and price. Let us take a look at some of the most popular types of carpets in Dubai right now.

1. Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Options

Thick wall-to-wall carpeting is best for making an open-concept room's floor smooth. A cheaper option is to buy something made in a factory, but natural fibers cost a lot:

Polyester Carpeting:

Polyester carpets don't stain or fade and are easy on the wallet. They also have bounce-back resilience. Many styles use curly synthetic piles to make them look like wool, but they are much cheaper.

Nylon carpets:

These are ideal for high-traffic areas since the strongest synthetic fiber resists crushing, abrasions, and daily wear. Nylon also does a great job of keeping dyes uniform.

Wool Carpeting:

Natural wool carpets keep out noise and stay airy in Dubai's hot weather. Wool also does a good job of hiding tracks. But natural carpets show stains more easily, even though there are better ways to keep them from showing up.

2. Fine Machine-Made Carpets

Hand-knotted oriental rugs are a tribute to years of tradition, but machines can provide magnificent carpets for more homes. Dubai is known for the following styles:

Wool pile carpets:

They have 80–100% wool piles sewn on cotton. They're cheap and soft. The ends have bumps where the color tufts connect. Tight twists make yarns easy to clean.

Recycled Fiber Carpets:

Eco-friendly manufacturers make felt-backed rugs from factory or home trash. Old cotton, textile remnants, carpet fibers, PET bottles, and polyester film are used.

Flat-Woven Kilims:

They have a tapestry-like flat weave. Traditional geometric forms decorate these reversible floor coverings. Abstract or global patterns can be used in current designs.

3. Traditional Carpets

Oriental rugs from the Middle East and Asia are prized for their intricate designs and craftsmanship. A room highlight, these carpets are known for their exquisite knotting, natural colors, and velvety textures. Styles popular in Dubai include:

Afghan Rugs:

Striking in their color palette of deep reds, oranges, and yellows, Afghan rugs boast detailed latticework and octagonal 'gul' motifs. Their borders often display floral vines or 'boteh' designs.

Indian Rugs:

These carpets showcase central motifs influenced by local flora and architecture, such as large metal vases with peonies or temple columns. The borders often include paisley patterns or swirling vines.

Persian Rugs:

Characterized by floral and geometric medallion patterns, these rugs are crafted using wool or silk knots on a base fabric. Their dense, curvilinear vine designs or recessed niches alter in color with changing light.

Turkish Rugs:

Known for their durability, Turkish carpets employ double knots. They typically feature geometric rather than floral patterns, with motifs like triangles for protection and double-headed eagles.

4. Custom-Made Carpets

Dubai has many stores and studios that make custom carpets to suit individual tastes, demands, and space. Customized choices are:

Hand-Knotted Carpets:

Find a skilled weaver to make your carpet design. Choose your pattern, colors, materials, size, and shape. Some places offer private help or show you how weaving works.

Custom Sizes and Shapes:

You can get machine-made carpets in the exact size and shape you need. Need a long runner for your hallway or a special carpet for under a round table? They can make it fit your space.

Innovative Materials:

Custom carpet makers use cool stuff like silk, linen, leather, and even recycled saris. Mixing different fabrics adds depth and texture to the design.

Personalized Patterns:

Make your carpet special with symbols that mean something to you. Add your initials, family crest, or unique designs. Choose from sacred shapes or fun, quirky ones.


Styles range from old-fashioned and elegant to new and eco-friendly in Dubai's carpet market. When you choose a carpet, think about your taste, where you want to put it, and how easy it is to clean. A room can look and feel better and be more stylish with the right carpet. Hope you find a carpet!

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