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What's on your mind while playing Commander

What's on your mind while playing Commander

What's on your mind while playing Commander It's okay, but When will the rage decrease? They're out! I'm sure people will probably already be able to clear a few of them. I wouldn't be surprised if there was like some guild of people who developed sunwell sight, but I'm not sure though. It's not like know.
I'd like to know what can I do for you? Okay, let's do it. No one's touch a radio. That's right, the way I look at it is that to WoW Classic SoD Gold could get rid of all the gear that is PvP. I'd say that you cannot get any PvP gear. You have to go through raids as I do that's a lot cooler.
The sole reason I'm a fan is because of you.
You can go in as it's only for this like it's purely because I think this would be interesting content and interesting is to see what we can get with just one week's worth of equipment.
I don't even believe it's bad. It's great for the game.
I think it could be awesome as I if we could do it. However, I'm not planning to set it as a rule for raids because I'm not a fan of self-imposed like trouble thing like that. What do you think? I'm not over it. Fun. We're there. OMG, why can't I hit the other guys? What's up with that? We hit all them.
It's better to hit them now. Did you have to glance at them or they're not going to die.
Oh I'm sorry, but come on. There we go. She's three years strange, most mythical Shara achievement with McConnell bra that was actually really enjoyable. Much like BFA it's absurd to think about it , but as if we actually enjoyed ourselves and BFM. We had a lot of fun.
We would go around we played with each other as it was like being a part of all the famous essences of the game that were great fun.Hmm What do you mean. It's unclear what I was missing. did I have such a thing. I feel like yeah, there were many good streams that we enjoyed in BFA.
As if there was the Mecca done thing that was doing an Shara the same way. It was fun, just like male muncher shit. and the corruptions. I'm certainly not saying that BFA is a good expansion, but we did have some good streams and BFA.
You mentioned playing with each other , which is why I said huh yeah Remember the 30 tank night Lofa? That was some fun. Man. It was amazing. Never forget. Never forget gentlemen. What exactly are they?
Oh my god. I remember seeing these back in their original classes as if the subs. It wasn't like our boom kin. Sure, I can remember when we got we had some fun shit and BFA. It's just that it didn't work out as well. Because of the servers. Yeah. It's a bit sour. However, here is. the power of spellpower to attack.
I'm not going to utilize any of these. I'm going to go ahead and just take that.
Do you see it? It's all right. Then I'll and get me the honor points. I believe that's where I'm required to be right feet on the ground. Yeah, yeah. Okay, cool.
Farmingdale rares, pandal and I do remember liking it before I streamed like I didn't really farm a lot of rares on stream , except such things as Legion. If I did a lot of farming, was asked about A Realm Reborn trigger for an extended period of time. They keep doing Realm Reborn every expansion or the Remove artifacts, etc. No, no, no they don't. It's completely different what people are asking for?
I'm sure anyone who claims they want A Realm Reborn for for an extended period of time is like not even thinking about the possibility of a new expansion. Like they want the whole game to be reimagined.
As much as I'd like it  WoW Classic SoD Gold for sale , this would be wonderful but I don't know if that would ever occur.
There's a huge part of me that believes that it won't be careful.
Gurnard servants slain off their dead there's only like 10 of them throughout the entire map. I really don't want to battle these guys with the cannons because they just cause so much harm. I think I'll just kill this guy. I'll have to take him down anyway. Let's do it.
It's true, I'm just trying to add more block value out of my gear , and I'm sure I'll be fine.
Sorry, but what if the block rating block value is increasing how much you block? That's what I'm asking for, is block block rating to increase in how frequently you block. just pull him real Realm Reborn is like the whole game reimagined.
It's true that people are saying when they say they'd like to have reborn running for a time, as if the talk isn't about a new expansion man. It's kind of like saying it's one thing to say that yeah I'm not sure it's going to occur, but I believe that's exactly what people have been hoping for.
whether it's correct or not.
I suppose I should buy food here before I can make people who cheer on news of snowstorms. No Yes, No, I haven't how to run classes by the levels of enjoyment and sales? I don't know. Everyone's going to have fun with different things. How can I possibly decide on that? I'm sure, just like me, I am having fun with my fantastical. It's nice.
As with a lot of classes, I believe they aren't all that bad in the real sense of the word. Like I really think that classes are ok at the moment. But like going back and as if I've had fun playing this character. I've had more fun in this role than doing my own retail warrior.
It's because I think wrath like I remember I spoke with rich about this , it's like it was this bizarre feeling that you were getting away with doing certain things. Therefore, you must accept the invitation, okay cool my man like you were doing something you shouldn't be allowed to do , but you're allowed to perform it.
It's exactly like how it was awesome in Wrath and in vanilla and imagine wrath classes. I felt like in Wrath classes were finished
and then Cataclysm-like blizzards idea of class design and Cataclysm allowed each class the power of another class.
I was thinking it was stupid man. It must be nice to be a dk I must be nice. Well, in Wrath as such I think you could see three levels in class design based on the kind of player you're. Pinnacle one could be Wrath of the Lich King. Pinnacle two could be Legion I think it could possibly be Legion or Pinnacle three would be named Mr. Pandaria.
I think that depending on what kind of games that you prefer, you'll likely have pleasure playing any of those three expansions. Let's say we got one of those two players who were great. This is where I'm going to play and then go ahead and start the dungeon Wrath and Whopper mob. They were awesome. Yes, I had a lot of fun and wrath and the Mists of Pandaria.
I'm talking about, I've had amusement and enjoyed nearly every expansion was different.
It's like there's never been any time that I wasn't enjoying the game or what. I'm not sure about that I've never had a moment when I felt like I've taken a break from the game.
As with the shadows in and BFA I had a few longer breaks. I didn't need to take a huge one in Legion I took a short break in Cataclysm I had to stop playing Cata for quite a while as I had been playing Diablo three and I believed that it would make me a new boss. I'd just play Diablo three and farm loot and sell it for real money and be wealthy, but that didn't happen.
yeah but it would have been awesome if they did show it wasn't fun.
I mean it was I mean I don't know I was enjoying the game. It was exactly like how I didn't. I wasn't able to go as hard on it as I had in previous expansions. In addition, it is important to keep in mind , and cataclysm. Similar to me quitting the game. Like contextually I stopped playing because I beat it.
I'm living a Biss as I believe that every piece of gear that I owned was the greatest piece of equipment I could have in my character. So like I stopped writing, because like that, that is the dream for me. The dream to me is to quit and quit because you've won.
As if you've won the game, you've got the best gear you are the best
A microphone is placed on the other side oh no he's got one there nice thanks for doing this for me: an interview with Alex Jones on Channel Five. Channel Five interview with Alex Jones.
There's no way I missed that. I probably should watch that it's interesting all alternatively, I'm going to stop thinking I don't care just because I love one character who is my primary all well it's the one thing I'm supposed to do, and then we'll get to do the most awful thing. I'm really hoping returning to the New World do you think you're going to play the the PTR in some way.
I just wanted to do some leveling and see how it's like to do ramparts clears and things like that. Then we'll play the PTR as I only got chance to play it for like five minutes because I was going out for dinner out with my Dad. And I was doing poor planning by me made me not have the time.
Yes, it's going to be badass we got the great sword they like change the entire experience for players included a lot of junk, so we'll get everybody on there and employ
Let us help us reach Blizzard to solve urgent issues.
I'll look, I will be looking forward to see the queue issue fixed. I'm thinking there's something really bad for the game okay I think we've made it here. What moms would love to murder a lot of boys? I'm thinking I'm going to die.I'm just getting a lot of Perry's man it's like the parries just are bad for me . They just cut my damage to zero.
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