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Why is science fiction so popular nowadays?

Why is science fiction so popular nowadays?

Contemporary literature is so diverse that any reader can find the best books for themselves. That's why today there are no questions about why people read science fiction, whether fantasy is suitable for adults, and many others. Each person is unique, has a unique set of qualities and preferences, so they read different books. However, the topic of science fiction has always been a controversial one. Literary experts have not yet come to a consensus on who and when became the genre's founder. Nevertheless, today the topics of scientific progress, the future and space are particularly relevant and popular.

Features and types of the science fiction genre

It is quite easy to distinguish between the types of science fiction. For example, fantasy contains elements of magic and wizardry, while science fiction should be based on a scientific or technical aspect. Here, the author creates some fantastic assumption that has a scientific basis. It can be space exploration, discoveries, inventions, progress, etc. Although fantasy also features fantastic events, they may have nothing to do with the laws of physics, for example. But in science fiction, this is a key distinguishing feature.

Science fiction as a literary genre is believed to have emerged as a result of the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and other writers are considered to be the originators. And Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is generally called the first science fiction work. It should be noted that this genre is not only the author's fantasies about space, technology, and robots. There are also social science fiction works that address the issue of society and the future of humanity. And post-apocalyptic books tell about variants of what happens during or after universal catastrophes. Such novels can be easily confused with dystopias.

What books to read in the genre of contemporary science fiction?

We've compiled a list of interesting authors who create relevant and original novels:

  • Reading Alexander Gerd's science fiction books means exploring the present, going on adventures with the daring hero while exploring a new world;
  • Andy Vale's novel The Martian immerses you in the conditions of life on another planet, which was facilitated by the author's deep technical knowledge, passion for astronautics, physics and other sciences;
  • Ukrainian writer Max Kidruk released the first book in the New Dark Ages series, which excited readers and proved that Ukraine also has talented science fiction writers.

Why is science fiction relevant again?

Science fiction is equally popular in literature and cinema. More and more often, science fiction films are making box office hits, and books are selling huge numbers of copies. Culture is cyclical; it is constantly transforming and developing, reflecting the current problems of humanity. When there is a significant leap in technological progress, attention is focused on future prospects. People are once again eager to find out what the future holds, what alternative versions of reality may exist, etc.

It is no secret that the world has changed. And this fact makes our logic search harder for answers to new questions. Often we find them in science fiction books, and we assimilate the ideas and ways of solving problems. The modern genre has expanded so much that we can see not only robotics or space battles, but also subtle psychology in the works. The authors highlight deep human problems, weaving them into technical topics.

Each reader has their own pros and cons of science fiction. Some people don't like reading about interplanetary battles, while others don't want such stories to contain a love story, for example. Thanks to the fact that literature is now more accessible than ever before, we can choose from thousands of books! Whatever the moral of the story, its main idea and the characteristics of the characters, it should be interesting and exciting.

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