Why should I choose iOS app development in 2024?

Written by Keith Laurance  »  Updated on: July 10th, 2024

Why should I choose iOS app development in 2024?

With the increasing number of iOS users, businesses are also paying extra attention to obtaining iOS app development services to enhance user experience and get ease, security, and speed via a proficient solution. Apple’s assurance of a unified ecosystem, polished user involvement, and strong security measures are some of the compelling reasons why businesses opt for iOS app development in 2024.

Hire iOS app developers, who are constantly dealing with the changes due to the most recent advancements are getting benefits from the modern-edge tool set comprising consistent Swift’s evolution. Alongside this, the early adoption of leading-edge technologies such as Machine Learning with Core ML and Augmented Reality via ARKit is assisting experts in creating unique iOS apps. With the App Store’s focus on visibility and quality, picking iOS app development in 2024 provides an opportunity for developers as well as businesses to enter into a vibrant landscape.

In this blog, we will get an understanding of why one should go for iOS app development in 2024. Let’s get started-

Reasons to Choose iOS App Development

iOS app development refers to the process of creating mobile apps for Apple hardware such as iPhones, MacPC, iPads, and iPod Touch. Over the years, Apple has established itself as a reliable brand including a larger customer base and community support. With this, it will be the best choice to build a dedicated iOS application for your next project. Here are some considerable key factors-

Wider Audience Base & Market

iOS is a popular platform that has gained a wide range of engaged customer base through the years. iOS users exhibit resilient brand loyalty and are likely to be more affluent. If you develop an iOS app, you will get to have this established user base who invest willingly in buying premium iOS applications. Also, the market is lucrative including various monetization opportunities such as app subscriptions, in-app purchases, and premium app sales.

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Security-focused development

Security is the most crucial aspect everyone is looking for and Apple puts a strong emphasis on user privacy and security. It combines rigorous security features, an app review process, and user data protection policies to make it a super safe choice for users. iOS app developers also use different security measures such as obfuscation, hashing, and key storage encryption. Recently, Apple has also introduced ATS (AppTransportSecurity) that can be incorporated into iOS applications to increase security, user privacy, and data integrity.

Intuitive UI/UX Design

Undoubtedly, iOS provides a polished user experience by combining smooth user navigation, and attractive & visually appealing designs. When you go to obtain iOS app development services, there is a great focus on designing UI/UX including creating the app in a way that it can be easy for users to navigate and utilize the app. For this, iOS designers are using innate design elements like AR, 3D graphics, and others to deliver engaging user experience.

Businesses are also realizing this need of the hour, that’s the reason why they are heading towards iOS app development in 2024.


Every platform includes different gaming elements in the mobile application to draw users’ attention and increase the engagement and retention rate, and iOS is no exception here! While getting assistance from iPhone app development companies, ventures are adding gamification to make it more engaging and entertaining for iOS users.

For this, they integrate elements like adding rewards and points, different challenges, leaderboards, streaks, point systems, daily goals to achieve, and many others. It leads to more active involvement of users, having a higher impact on the app positively.

Siri Shortcuts

Adding Siri Shortcuts to the iOS applications enables users to do task automation and use voice commands to perform a task. For instance, if you have added a Siri Shortcut for anything like ordering food, booking a taxi, or others, you can directly do the task by voice command. Siri Shortcuts also help users in a hands-free way while interacting with the applications. Businesses can get various benefits, such as a larger user base, flawless experience, etc. via integrating this voice-activated technology.

5G Support

Faster speed and reduced latency by 5G networks bring new opportunities for iOS app development as it empowers iPhone app developers to develop more technically advanced and collaborating applications. There is a high demand for 5G technology, and businesses can integrate this technology into their iOS apps to get benefits like real-time interactions, better efficiency, and enhanced user experiences.

Be it video calls or watching high-quality video content, 5G enables users to see all these flawlessly with minimal leg.


We hope you got ample information on why you should pick iOS app development in 2024. In the coming years, iOS is going to embrace various leading-edge tech trends that are going to be beneficial for the industry and businesses as well. Therefore, businesses must invest in iOS app development to facilitate higher user engagement & retention, growth, and success. With the help of a leading iOS app development company, you can get a feature-rich and tech-integrated app to stand out in a competitive market. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, Now.

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