Why Yamuna Expressway Is A Hotspot For Real Estate Investments

Written by realty assistant  »  Updated on: July 07th, 2024

Why Yamuna Expressway Is A Hotspot For Real Estate Investments

Delhi NCR has witnessed exceptional growth since the early 2000s. Prominent real estate developers and business magnates are keen enough to push this region to a top level, boasting remarkable projects and extraordinary achievements. The development projects are going in accordance with the Draft Master Plan 2041.

The Master Plan 2041 for Greater Noida has proposed a complete transformation of Delhi NCR and the surrounding parts, including Noida and the Yamuna Expressway, which is a 6-lane wide and 165 km long access-controlled expressway in Uttar Pradesh.

The idea was conceived by the state government in 2001 with the purpose of reducing the travel time between Delhi and Agra and opening up suitable avenues for industrial as well as urban development of the region.

Developed by the Jaypee Group under Public-Private Partnership, it cuts half the travel time between the two major cities, New Delhi and Agra.

Yamuna Expressway fulfils the following objectives:

  • Minimise the travel duration from Delhi to Agra by providing a fast-moving corridor
  • Connect the main projects on the eastern bank of the river Yamuna
  • Encourage industrial and urban development in the region
  • Converge tourism and other allied industries in one place
  • Relieve traffic congestion on National Highway -2 (NH-2) that runs through the cities like Faridabad, Ballabgarh and Palwal.

It will provide seamless interconnectivity between the existing NH-2 and NH-91 along with the Yamuna Expressway to form a good road network. This will widen the avenue for all-round development in the region.

We’ll see why Yamuna Expressway is an emerging hotspot for real estate investments.

Why Invest In Projects Near The Yamuna Expressway?

As per several industry enthusiasts, Yamuna Expressway is right on the track to attracting real estate investments. It will become a popular area for homes and commercial properties as well.

The region is poised to become one of the largest tourism spots as new infrastructure will provide seamless connectivity of the upcoming airport with the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. Numerous residential projects near Jewar Airport are projected to prosper consistently and bring high-valued returns for a lifetime. However, the region will flourish even further once the airport is operational.

Futuristic Infrastructure

The progressive approach by the state government for a complete transformation of the YEIDA region has brought commendable results. Remarkable projects such as the Formula 1 Track, Knowledge Park, Logistics Part, International Film City, Noida International Airport, and many others have garnered immense attention from investors.

These projects have increased the demand for properties near Jewar Airport. Numerous MNCs and IT companies are interested in setting up their data centres, increasing the demand for commercial plots in and around the expressway.

Seamless Connectivity

The proposed financial hub planned by NBCC near the airport, which will be the same as Bandra-Kurla Complex or BKC in Mumbai, will leverage intercity connectivity between New Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, and Yamuna Expressway. The metro extension to Greater Noida and the airport will drive significant real estate market growth along the Expressway.

Many giant companies and globally known corporations have decided to relocate their tech parks to Delhi NCR, where Yamuna Expressway will play the major part. Investors and property enthusiasts have already seen their growth potential along the expressway. The addition of world-class educational institutions, schools, colleges, universities, health centres, and industries will bring new investment opportunities, elevating economic growth to an all-time high.

Assured Return on Investment

Yamuna Expressway is brimming with premium plots that bring a good return on investment because of the area's current advancements. The current trend of labelling residential plots for sale on Yamuna Expresswayay has enticed prominent developers to grab exceptional returns on one-time investments.

Real estate investments are bound to rise, given that land prices are consistently appreciating. High property costs lead to high returns, and Yamuna Expressway properties are delivering what investors want.

A Hub for Large Investors

Giant real estate projects such as Gaur Yamuna City township (spread over 250 acres), Patanjali Food and Herbal Park, Data Centre Park, etc., are subject to enormous investments in the coming future.

  • The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC) has placed its bids for land acquisition for approx. Rs 5,000-11,000 per square meter. However, this will depend on the land requirement.
  • Homegrown tech giant Intex has already sealed a deal of 650 crores right along Yamuna Expressway.
  • Lava International and its ancillary unit have received a whopping land size of over 35 acres in Noida under the investment of over Rs 2000 crores.

Such investments will boost the regional economy and make investments more profitable than ever.

Potential For Industrial Development

The Master Plan 2041 has directed YEIDA to become an attraction for extraordinary industrial establishments that will cater to many retail spaces, offices, and other commercial uses.

With the upcoming commercial and residential projects in Delhi NCR will surely provide a valuable contribution to regional economic development with its advantageous location, world-class amenities, and unique infrastructure.


The government of UP constituted YEIDA (erstwhile Taj Expressway Industrial Development Authority) to implement the planned industrial development in the area around the river Yamuna. It will boost the investment climate and promote regional economic development by creating a sustainable environment boasting top-notch infrastructure with incredible potential.

With many highly advanced projects on board, the Yamuna Expressway will transform very soon, given the valuable investments it attracts. With the government’s consistent efforts to give this region the value it wants, it surely has emerged as a top spot for real estate investments, ensuring exceptional returns for an entire lifetime.

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