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1. How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog? Selected

2 years ago   Hey,First decide your area of interest, what makes u happy and topics you always try to stay updated on... out of those...

2. How to draw traffic to blog on Blogger.c...

2 years ago   Thanks for your responses, it was of great help!

3. What to do when theme subscription expir...

2 years ago   @ektatri Its the theme that has expired.

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Deepti Gupta
How to draw traffic to blog on

Deepti Gupta  .  3 months ago

Hi Deepti, as a blogger user I have learned a lot of things from the last two years. I am sharing this with you. And using these tactics I have driven...

Deepti Gupta
What to do when theme subscription expires on wordpress? Does it harm?

Deepti Gupta  .  4 months ago

You can keep using theme without any worries. Only you will not get more updates on the same. If you are not worried of new updates then you can kee...

Deepti Gupta
Suggest some Health & Fitness themes for WordPress

Deepti Gupta  .  4 months ago

Look at these 5 Amazing WordPress themes and use them if you want the best of the best. 1. Avada 2. JustFit 3. Infinite 4. TheGem 5. KALLYAS

Deepti Gupta
How to Stop WordPress Spam Comments?

Deepti Gupta  .  4 months ago

How should I remove thousands of comment on my site, I dont know how to switch off commenting, just able to partially avoid commenting by sending cert...

Deepti Gupta
Crawl errors in Google Search Console

Deepti Gupta  .  4 months ago

Google search console shows that i have several pages indexed but not submitted in sitemap but it was not so previously. Further investigation on cove...

Feb 25, 2022

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