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Founder - Swati's Journal - A web publication about her short stories, motivational articles and Yellownotes.

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1. What is Excerpt in WordPress? Selected

2 years ago   If you noticed, WordPress shows full posts by default on your home page, blog page, and auto generated archive pages suc...

2. How do beginners get backlinks? Selected

2 years ago   Hi Team,I follow articles here very often. Now this site has free tool - a backlink checker:

3. What are some Blogging tips for Newbie B... Selected

2 years ago   Wow! Great comments. I wrote an article on it. Hope that you find it helpful.# 01 tip for blogging beginners –  Patience...

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Nov 03, 2021

How to Create HQ Backlinks?

What should we bloggers consider while hiring someone to create quality backlinks for us?

Jul 28, 2021

How to take down your copyrighted content from content pirate blogs?

Hi Swati Joshi, Last time I report a lot of pirated content blog on google. this is the right method. 1. Removing Content From Google link - htt...

Jul 09, 2021

Is WordPress good for membership sites?

Is it possible to offer membership in WordPress where only members can access ad free content? i.e. gaana vs gaana plus ?

Jul 08, 2021

Why do I see quantserve cookie in my cookies list?

Some plugins like fb/disqus or addthis cause some extra cookies to be included for tracking and monitoring. These are not called from code/website...

Jan 24, 2021

What are the pros and cons of Google custom search engine?

Hello bloggers and friends,I've been reading articles about integrating Google CSE into my WordPress blog Can anyone help me, if I should go for it? W...

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