Lets know about 3 Most Dangerous Fish In The World #shorts

Lets know about 3 Most Dangerous Fish In The World #shorts
The world's 3 most dangerous fish, number 1 Moray Eel, there are about 200 different species of this fish, usually any creature has 1 pair of jaws, but this fish has two different jaws One is filled with sharp teeth on the outside and the other is near the throat inside the mouth. When this fish hunts an organism, it first tightly grabs it with the outer jaws, then the second jaw inside the throat pushes the prey inwards.

Number 2 Piranha fish, Pirana is one of the most dangerous fish in the world because of its sharp teeth and strong jaws that make it crave even iron. Number 3 Saw Fish, Saw Fish is considered to be one of the species of shark which is different in appearance from the rest of the shark because its nose is up to 2 feet long, on which many sharp thorns are attached, so that it can bite any prey. The tax breaks it into two pieces, it is so dangerous that even an animal bigger than itself attacks it. 

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