Three light emitting creatures present in the world #shorts #youtubeshorts

There are three such creatures present in the world who remove light from their body at night.
Number 3, Dinoflagellates, these microscopic organisms can only be seen along the seashore, of which this phenomenon is common in the badu island of Maldives. Actually, whenever the day falls, it seems as if the stars have come down to the ground at night.
Number 2, glow worms, these larva-like creatures are found in caves, rocks or gardens but are worth seeing inside caves. Along with this, they expel a sticky saliva called luciferin from their body, which looks like a shining diamond at night. .
number 1, firefly, You must have known about firefly, many people from this, but very few of you will know that light like firefly also comes out from its eggs and the protein named luciferin present in them when oxygen is released. When it comes in contact, it can generate light.
Three light emitting creatures present in the world #shorts #youtubeshorts
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