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Deepak Kumar

I am the Founder of xPress Web Solutions


Top 10 WordPress Plugins That You Must Use [ WordPress Tutorial in Hindi ]

WordPress plugins that you must use. These are some must have WordPress plugins that are used by almost all professional bloggers

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What is the best Website niche to Target US audience?

I was thinking to make a new website to target US Audience but I don't know which website/niche should i make. Although i am thinking to build an Trailer specific website which will have Latest/Upcoming Hollywood Trailer, Hollywood Gossip, articles. What you think any other idea?

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Should I wait to get Traffic after adsense approval?

Hey guys just yesterday my one website got adsense approval and I want to ask a couple of questions. Please answer if you know.

1. Should I wait after adsense approval to get almost 500-1000 traffic per day after getting adsense approval or should I place ads on my site? (My website almost have no traffic)

2. What can...

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Rahul Gupta

5 minutes, 43 seconds read


How To Get Google Adsense Approved in 15 Days

Google Adsense is one of the most preferred methods for Blog Monetization. Google Adsense Application Not getting Approved? Learn how to get Google Adsense appr...

#Blogging #Google AdSense #Make Money Online #Tools & Resources

is hostinger a good hosting provider?

Any body have practical experience with this company. will this be good for a WordPress website ...

Share your suggestions if you have used this hosting provider?

#Blogging Community

Vimal Bhatia: Indian Travel Blogger | Blog @ TRAVEL THROUGH INDIA

My name is Vimal Bhatia. I completed my engineering 34 years back and have served in many organizations in various capacities. Right now I am running a travel blog by the name 'Travel Through India'. India's vast treasure is never fully exp...

Interview Series

How to get backlinks to my blog?

Hi I am new to blogging and have heard that backlinks are very important to increase your ranking on Google... Please help me as to how to create these backlinks....

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