The Complete Guide to Advertising in 2022

How to Make Money Advertising

If you are trying to figure out different options to monetize your blog, then advertising is definitely a must do! You can earn by simply allowing a brand to use a small space on your blog to display advertisements to targeted audience based on your niche followers. The advertisement can be in any format like text, image, video, html etc. This is one of the guaranteed sources of earning for content creators across genres of bloggers, youtubers, digital newspapers, social media sites etc.

There are two ways in which you can earn from advertisements on your blog:

1. Direct pay: Depending on your traffic, reach and ad space on your site, you can choose a brand's advertisement to be visible on your blog. The brand will pay you a pre-agreed cost for the ad placement, depending on its size, format and the duration of its visibility on your site.

2. Action based pay: The brand or a third-party ad facilitator (for example: Google AdSense, etc.) will pay the site owner (blogger) for every action taken by a visitor for an ad displayed in the blog. A pre-decided amount will be paid to the site owner on the basis of pay per-click, pay-per-action, pay-per-million views, pay-per-impression etc.

These are some of the most common types of advertisements that are used by content creators to earn from their blogs. There may be other methods as well. Is there any other type of advertisement that you earn from? Do share your suggestions with fellow bloggers

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