Google Adsense

The Complete Guide to Google Adsense in 2022

An Introduction to Google AdSense

Let us assume that you have blogger friends who are earning good money through blogging. You too have a blog that is quite popular with decent traffic. But, you have no idea how you can monetize your blog. While there are plenty of ways at it, one of the most popular ways is through Google AdSense. So, here’s our detailed guide to help know more about Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an internet based application that is especially made for paid advertising and is run, maintained and managed from end to end by Google. This program provides a channel between website owners (content creators / bloggers) and advertisers (brands) for publishing advertisements. Through Google AdSense, a website owner can earn money for hosting advertisements after the site is approved. Appropriate advertisements are then hosted on niche sites in text, video, image or other media formats, to reach targeted audience for a brand. All advertisements will be sorted, administered and managed completely by Google, making this a hassle free process for both host and the advertisers.

Once a Google AdSense account is created, it requires only a one-time effort for the bloggers to insert a code into their website which helps Google to then post advertisements. Because of this ease of earning, Google AdSense is one of the most popular methods of site monetization out there with millions of active users.

How to get Google AdSense approval?

Although not difficult, it can be a bit tricky to get a Google AdSense approval for your website. Apart from a few mandatory requirements mentioned on the AdSense site, it is also important to note a few points before applying for one. 

  1. Quality of the content: Google hates plagiarism. Hence, it important to have high quality original content along with a minimum length of each post. Also, do not include copyrighted images from other sites, restricted content etc. that will lower the reliability on your site’s content.
  2. Quantity of content: It is bad idea to apply for an AdSense account right away from starting a website. It is advised to have at least 10-15 posts of good length at the time of applying. Also, Google also takes into account the age of your blog and the consistency that has been maintained with content creation.
  3. Basic pages & Navigation: About us, Contact, Privacy policies & disclaimers, are some of the good to have pages on a basic website. Google judges these parameters to see legitimacy of your site, ease of reaching out to you etc. Also, it is better to have an easy navigation throughout your website.

How to use Google AdSense?

This question can be answered in parts, as below:

Step 1: Once a website is approved by Google AdSense, the website owner (host) is required to insert a one-time code into his website. After this is done, everything else will be managed by Google.

Step 2: Google will determine the niche of the host and display the most relevant advertisements from a pool of authentic and approved internet advertisers in its network. The host has no control over what is displayed, but can choose the size and format of the ads appearing in his site.

Step 3: Each advertisement format (text, video, images, html or any other interactive formats) and size has a pre-defined cost. Google charges this amount from an advertiser and pays a percentage share of it to the host based on cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-million views (CPM).

The higher the CPC or CPM, the higher will be the earnings of the host. Hence, it is important for the host to select high revenue generating ad format, banner size along with working towards increasing the traffic to earn more through Google AdSense.

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