SEO Basics & Ranking

The Complete Guide to SEO Basics & Ranking in 2022

SEO Basics: Beginner's Guide to SEO Success

It is not enough if you just create and publish a blog. You need traffic. You want more visitors to your website. Hence, it is important for your website to rank better so that the search engines show up your blog when internet users search for a particular topic. One way to achieve this is by doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your content. There are two ways to do SEO and let us discuss each of these in detail.

Published on Jul 19, 2021

Keyword Frequency: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

Keyword frequency is the number of times a keyword appears in a post or page. like we have SEO/tech keywords 6-7 times in an article. It is the keywor...

Published on Jul 17, 2021

Google with SEO is like?

Hi Ekta, can u please elaborate a little more on your doubt?

Published on Sep 03, 2021

What are the 5 important concepts of SEO?

What are the 5 important concepts of SEO? Image result for some basic seo techniques Through the remainder of 2021, it is essential to understand th...

Published on Sep 12, 2021

What is stop word in Search Engine Optimisation

Stop words are also known as common words like a, and, how, or, in, the etc. These words not only improve the reader's experience but also make them f...

Published on Sep 12, 2021

Why stop word is necessary in SEO

Using Stop Words is also very important in SEO because it improves User Experience. Don't you understand still, no problem, let me tell you. If you do...

Published on Sep 12, 2021

Does Google Ignore Stop Words

Here comes the question, does Google ignore Stop Words? So here the answer is yes. Because Google ignores Stop Words in both Search Queries and Search...

Published on Sep 12, 2021

Should stop words be used in URL?

When you have prepared your article, then you also have to create a URL. If you are a WordPress user, then while creating an article in WordPress, you...

Published on Sep 12, 2021

What is search intent

Search intent is also called user intent or audience intent. The query which is searched by the searcher on the search engine is called search intent....

Published on Sep 12, 2021

How many types of search intent are there

The search intent has been divided into 4 parts. which is like this: 1 Informational Intent 2 Navigational Intent 3 Transactional Intent 4 Comme...

Published on Sep 12, 2021

What is informational intent

Informational Intent comes first in Search Intent. Searchers mostly keep doing a lot of searches to get internet information. Like information about S...