SEO Basics & Ranking

The Complete Guide to SEO Basics & Ranking in 2022

SEO Basics: Beginner's Guide to SEO Success

It is not enough if you just create and publish a blog. You need traffic. You want more visitors to your website. Hence, it is important for your website to rank better so that the search engines show up your blog when internet users search for a particular topic. One way to achieve this is by doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your content. There are two ways to do SEO and let us discuss each of these in detail.

Published on Sep 12, 2021

What is navigational intent

Navigational Intent comes at number two in Search Intent. In which navigation means navigation. In Navigational Intent, Google understands the intent...

Published on Sep 12, 2021

What is transactional intent

The third intent of Search Intent is called Transactional Intent. By the name of Transactional Intent itself, you must be knowing that people search f...

Published on Sep 12, 2021

What is comerical investigation

Commercial Investigation comes last from Search Intent. You can also call Commercial Investigation as Commercial Intent. It is a mixup of informationa...

Published on Sep 12, 2021

How to optimise search Intent for content

If you want that when users land on your page and they get a good experience from your content, then you do not have to bore them with useless extra c...

Published on Jun 20, 2021

Which is the do follow edu comment backlink site?

Here is the List of some Do-follow edu backlinks: https://kathrynbarger.lac...

Published on Aug 09, 2021

How to Write Perfect SEO Friendly Blog Post Easily?

my method I get article from different languages, like Hindi, chines , urdu then i convert it in English i think this is the best way for Getting...

Published on Aug 09, 2021

What Is SEO Freindly Blog post?

SEO Friendly Blog Post is User Friendly Blog Post. Some people think and believe that SEO Friendly Blog Post becomes less user friendly which is wrong...

Published on Aug 10, 2021

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO को समझने से पहले आपको SEO (Search Engine Optimization) के बारे में जानना जरूरी है। क्योंकि वीडियो एसईओ का जन्म एसईओ से ही हुआ है। SEO यानि,...

Published on Sep 08, 2021

What are the types of SEO Techniques?

These are mainly of two types: White Hat SEO Techniques: The methods adopted to improve the ranking on the search engine which are according to the...

Published on Sep 08, 2021

What are the Important Ranking Factors for SEO?

There are many factors to get better ranking in search engines such as: Quality Content Keywords Quality Backlinks Mobile Friendly Layout