WordPress Basics

The Complete Guide to WordPress Basics in 2022

WordPress Basics: Beginner's Guide for Newbie Users

Choosing the right theme, creating search engine optimized content, organizing the content in your website, finding and adding the right plugins and tools, the list can go on... Along with it, WordPress has its own set of terminologies that you need to get acquainted with. There are so many things that you need to know about setting your blog with WordPress. From WordPress glossary to setting up a fully functional website, we are here to help you with all the WordPress basics that you need to know.

Published on Sep 04, 2021

How to delete old post revision in WordPress blog

WP optimize is a great plugin that optimizes your WordPress database with a single click. To remove post revisions from your WordPress site, click...

Published on Sep 04, 2021

How to Underline and Justify Text in WordPress Post Editor

The TinyMCE Advanced plugin will easily add underline and justify to your post editor. This plugin can add not only underline and justify buttons t...

Published on Sep 04, 2021

How to Add Facebook Comments to WordPress

First of all install and activate Lazy FB Comments plugin on your site. This plugin works perfect without slowing down your site. You just need to cli...

Published on Sep 04, 2021

What is WPTD tool in WordPress

WPTD (WordPress Theme Detector) is a very good tool to detect the theme of WordPress site and it is my favorite theme detector tool. If you like th...

Published on Sep 04, 2021

What is WHAT WORDPRESS THEME IS THAT tool in wordpress

What WordPress Theme Is That” is a popular free tool to detect WordPress themes and plugins of any site. This tool allows you to easily locate Word...

Published on Sep 04, 2021

What is WPSNIFFER – WordPress Themes Sniffer tool in wordpress

This is a chrome extension that lets you find the active WordPress theme used on your WordPress website. All you have to do is download this extens...

Published on Sep 04, 2021

What is Scan WP tool in wordpress

Scan WP is also a very good WordPress theme detector tool that gives you results quickly. It also describes the plugins used on the site along with th...

Published on Sep 05, 2021

How to Delete Old WordPress Core Files in WordPress

To delete Old WordPress core files, first you have to install and activate Old Core Files plugin on your site. After activating the plugin, click o...

Published on Sep 05, 2021

When to Scan WordPress Site for Malware/Malicious Code

If you haven't scanned your site for malware yet, the time is now. There are many WordPress users who do not install any WordPress security plugin on...

Published on Sep 05, 2021

How to clear cache in WordPress

First you have to click on the menu icon then click on More Tools >> Clear Browsing Data. This will bring up a popup where you can select the conte...