Introduction to WordPress Plugin

From keeping check on the health of your blog to tracking its performance and everything in between, there are so many essential tools required to enhance the functionality of a website. And having to manage each of these tools externally would be tedious. If you have a blog hosted on WordPress, these external features can be customized and managed within the website, by adding plugins.

What Is a WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a code that needs to be plugged-in to the basic code of your WordPress site so that a desired feature is added to your site. There are hundreds of plugins available online to meet every need of a blogger. While some of the best WordPress plugins are available in the WordPress repository, you can alternately download them from a range of online sources. These plugins can be either free or paid, depending on the source of downloading them and the WordPress plan your site is running on.

For example, ‘Akismet’ is a default plugin available with all Wordpress sites that helps to manage spam. At the same time, good WordPress security plugins are usually paid. In this category, let us discuss about everything that you want to know about WordPress plugins.

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