What are themes in WordPress?

Well, you have a blog and you will add great content to it. But, it is certain that your blog will not perform to its full potential if a reader doesn’t find it visually appealing. Hence, it is very important to have good aesthetics for your site. This is where choosing a good theme for your site comes into picture.

If you were self-hosting a site, you would have to design a layout, work on the graphics, page navigation and a multitude of things for your site to look attractive. But, with WordPress, you can choose a pre-designed theme of your choice and use it on your site without any hassle. WordPress offers both free and paid themes which allow further customization.

With free themes, you can change the background color, text color etc. and the paid themes allow a little more flexibility in terms of adding plugins and placement of the content on your site. Let us discuss more about getting the best WordPress themes for your site.

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