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Do you think Deepak Kanakaraju can really help you to earn 1 crore per month?

Hey, I got an email from him, hey, do you want to learn how to make 1 crore per month from digital marketing. Do you believe he can actually help you to make 1 crore month? Sometimes things are not the way they are shown. Do you believe his words?

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I don't think the amount he quoting is feasible in current situation. Even though the courses are 499 or 99 sometimes, it requires a lot lot subscribers each month to buy those courses. There are bloggers that want to but not this much cases. So yes i doubt this number

Rahul Gupta yes exactly. In the email he said do you want to earn 1 crore per month and as soon as you click on the webinar link: the statement chahges in description. The new statement reads:-- Even if you make 1/100 of this , 1 lac per month.... Haha

Deepak Kumar correct. These are just marketing gimmicks and he is very good at this

Rahul Gupta haha few newbies have got into this trap and have started seeing him as some Digital marketing God or something 😂

Deepak Kumar hahhaa true. For them he is god of blogging 🤣🤣

A serious joke even some of the flamboyant personality of the Country is not making 1 crore per month.

Sumit Kesheri exactly that too in current situation where there are no jobs. How come such hefty amount via courses sale only

1 crore per month, sundar Pichai bolega, am I joke for you ?

Sovan Das haha exactly. Frankly speaking if I would have been making 1 crore I would have never disclosed. No one ever would! Yes, training and mentorship is a different thing but then he organized a webinar for 69 or somethingto explain that 1 crore thing 🤣🤣

Deepak Kumar youtube pe aise videos vi hai kayi youtuber ye bol rahje bloggers 15-20 lakh kama rahe hai, i dont think so,

Haha, don't know of him. But all these are marketing strategies to make a product look better. Whether it is about a phyiscal product or digital product. If you use and actual do hard work, then you can . But in real world , there is nothing like that. Also
If he was himself knowing how to earn 1 crore , he may be already earning and not like saying to people.
At the end, if you like something then do , else you can ignore. Not everyone can be the person everyone want.

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