Google Search Console temporarily suspended request indexing...

Google removed the Request indexing feature in the URL Inspection Tool. How's it going to impact in indexing new posts...

Let's discuss how you can still index your post...

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If you haven’t submitted your sitemap yet then create and submit it on the search console.

Make sure to have all the links there for google to index.

Check robots.txt and be sure that it doesn't block Google crawling.

A perfect example of robots.txt that includes sitemap.xml path is

user-agent: *
Allow: /

Make sure to interlink articles. This way in one article you will let google crawl all other interlinks.

Quick page load and mobile friendly is what google always prioritize...

Hope these helps you...

There will be no issue if you have added the sitemap...
In some of the websites there might be no sitemap at all. so how Google gonna index their new posts/pages?
Even great websites like Quora does not use sitemap. ( As per I know because I have checked it few months ago and also read about this)
But still Google can index their new pages/posts without sitemap. If the new post's url is there on any of the old pages as hyperlink. Because once Google will recrawl your previous pages your new posts will be found from those hyperlinks... So it's better to use related articles or recent articles in every post page.
In one of my website I does not use sitemap but I use this technique. And hopefully all my pages are indexed well.
Just keep in mind that don't block pages with robots.txt

It's my opinion if anybody find something wrong they are welcome to make me correct

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