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How to improve my website ranking on google?

What should I do improve that ranking?

How long does it take to see improvements in my rankings?

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You need to create high quality backlinks for your website. Also publish informative and unique content on your site.

You need to interest with your social followers. Share your old articles again on social sites like twitter , Pin interest, FB page, etc. Comment and like on other bloggers posts from the same niche.

Post new articles at regular intervals; i.e. at least one article per week. The more, the better.

Ranking depends on a lot of factors. Many of my articles rank on 1st page of Google. A lot of things matter. Few of them are listed below:

Keywords research , back links, DA, PA, Uniqueness, LSI ....

Ranking needs your excellence in SEO. Choose keywords which have high volume, low or medium competition. Try low first.

Keep the content 800 words alteast (especially in tech). Do proper on Page SEO. Use relevant headlines. Spread your focus keyword in whole post but keep a check on density.

After publishing it shoot good quality backlinks. Don't forget to do internal linking of posts n add outbound links too but keep a ratio.

This is a very short and precise answer but I hope it helps

Choose Primary keyword and Longtails keywords for specific pages and create anchor text backlinks. Atleast 5 to 10 anchor text links will rank your keywords on top.

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