how we can increase domain authority quickly ?

i am worried about domain authority that my page authority but domain still........can anybody help me about it...........

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Work on backlinks

if you want to work hard like what I do then create backlinks but if you want to short way through then buy an expired domain and check the DA PA of the site..

Sumit Kesheri How to create backlinks..please explain...I am technically challenged :(

Harjeet Kaur creating a backlink is a difficult task- check your competitor backlink source through premium products like ahref, semrush or Moz- If you don't have the premium product then go in all the social forum My high recommendation would be Pinterest check for your niche on the search bar of Pinterest- then appreciate their work in twitter and gently ask them for business collaboration with your blog by offering you a link to any of your blogs.
Remember to be professional and don't creep for backlinks instead tell them the positive part of creating the link with your domain.
Explain to them how can be beneficial them and what can you do for them to give them more visibility.

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