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Hey, so I'm a new blogger, and I am practically learning about it as I speak. However, the main problem with my blog is that I am not getting any pageview, not a single one! I checked whether my blog is public, and it is. What should I do in this situation, and what did you guys do?

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i understand that and its a very common issue with newbie bloggers. Kindly share your blog niche and how many articles have u written so far??

Mya be i can help you better...

Rahul Gupta My blog is
It is primarily an entertainment blog and my plan is to create more content related to movies/shows etc. It currently has only 4 posts (the main reason for inconsistency being lack of enthusiasm due to 0 pageviews). Thanks in advance!

Vaishnav. S. R 4 is almost to nothing. I suggest atleast have a min of 50-100 posts. After every posts, share it to social media pages as well as to your subscribers.

Make it a habit and u will see some growth for sure...

Rahul Gupta Thanks for the reply. Do you know how much time it would take for a blog such as mine to get enough pageviews?

Vaishnav. S. R Min 4-6 months... Post consistently, share every time with your followers & subscribers. Mail them once a week - Newsletter something.

The whole idea is to stay in touch with your audience as much as possible. Then after some months you will start seeing a difference by yourself

Good Luck

My Advice will be -

1. Get Rid of & invest in a Domain name for better reliability of your blog, It can cost you from 200-600 per year.
2. Don't just rely on getting views from Blogspot, share your article in Facebook profile, Facebook, Group, Forums etc
3. Write an article that focuses on solving problems like How to What can you do

Shashank Sharma Correct. These are basics and help you in ling race...

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