Should I wait to get Traffic after adsense approval?

Hey guys just yesterday my one website got adsense approval and I want to ask a couple of questions. Please answer if you know.

1. Should I wait after adsense approval to get almost 500-1000 traffic per day after getting adsense approval or should I place ads on my site? (My website almost have no traffic)

2. What can I do to get legit traffic within a short period of time?

3. Facebook had block my site and I can't share my content on facebook so should I buy custom domain and then share on fb?

4. Should I shift on wordpress and buy hosting and domain so that my site speed is good?

5. Will adsense put ad limit or disable my adsense account on my site if I place ads on my site with no traffic?

I will be greatful to the person who answers my question.

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Hi Nishitiwari,
First of all congrats on approval of your AdSense account. Coming back to questions u asked, here are my suggestions:

1. I would say wait for at least 2-3 months and drive a stable organic traffic may be 200-300+. This way you slowly build an authority in eyes of google. Once u built that, you can got for adsense ads to be placed.

2. If your traffic is mostly Indian, try find an alternative coz indian CPC is very very low. Sow even u able to get few clicks, you will hardly earn a penny worth.

3. As per google user experience always be prioritize in terms of UI & speed. But i would say first build your audience and traffic. Then you can plan on switching. Better to bear hosting cost once you sure about the platform traffic and stats.

4. There is no ban or limit from adsense but it would be great if you go once you got enough traffic. Also look for some affiliate partner links to be added.

5. Don't go for custom ones. Wait for some organic traffic and then you will get a clear idea how your blog is actually building..

Hope these helps you and IndiBlogHub platform is always there to help you...

Keep Blogging
Rahul Gupta
Founder @ IndiBlogHub

Rahul Gupta

Thank you so much you answered my question,

Your answers gave rise to more questions in my mind. actually, my blog is in Hindi lang so how will I find other alternatives?

Rahul Gupta

and can you please explain to me about affiliate links and all that stuff.

Nishitiwari Let me tell you something. Competition in Hindi blogging in less compared to English blogs so you got an upper hand.

Regarding affiliate, what's your blog niche???

Rahul Gupta

well its all about stories, poems, and grammar

Nishitiwari ok then I suggest u can look for sites offering related services

Like for blogging, we got bluehost or bigrock for hosting

So u need to see affiliate partners for the same.

But first focus on adding more content and traffic. then only these suggestions matters

Rahul Gupta

great thanks for your suggestion I will research these sites for affiliate and I need to mention after many unsuccessful attempts I got the AdSense approval and waiting for 2-3 months to build trust in google's eyes is a good suggestion but isn't it a little long waiting?

I understand that CPC in India is very low but, I guess something is better than nothing and can you please suggest me ways so that I can drive legit traffic on my website and yes I don't know why FB had block me to share my site I have a complaint about this issue but as usual no response and also I tried many tricks but none of them work.

Nishitiwari u r right. U got adsense approval. Give it a shot. May be after 1 month or when u start seeing enough traffic

Instead of time go for min no of views. Once it achieved, place AdSense code

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