50 Different Types of Mehndi Designs for Wedding

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50 Different Types of Mehndi Designs for Wedding

Your wedding is around the corner? Go through these trending mehndi designs to finalise your look!

Mehndi is an integral part of wedding and other festive celebrations in India. In many cultures, different mehndi designs for wedding are considered a symbol of good luck, protection, and blessings for the auspicious marriage. It's believed that mehndi wards off evil spirits and brings prosperity and positive energy to the wearer. 

Different regions have distinct mehndi designs and patterns that reflect their traditions and history. Incase, you do not know enough about all the mehndi design for wedding options you have, we have prepared a list. Have a look and familiarise yourself with all your options!

50 Mehndi Designs for Wedding 

Traditional Indian Bridal Mehndi: This is an elaborate and intricate mehndi design covering the hands and feet, often depicting motifs like bride-groom, peacocks, and paisleys.

Arabic Mehndi Design: Arabic designs are characterized by bold floral patterns and leaves, with empty spaces, creating a contrast between the henna and the skin.

Pakistani Mehndi Design: These are known for their detailed and fine patterns, often featuring geometric shapes, floral motifs, and intricate linework.

Moroccan Mehndi Pattern: Geometric designs with bold lines and shapes, inspired by Moroccan architecture and patterns fall under a simple mehndi design for wedding. 

Rajasthani Mehndi Design: This mehndi design consists of rich and intricate artwork depicting elements like elephants, camels, and palaces, with a focus on traditional motifs.

Indo-Arabic Mehndi Fusion: A blend of Indian and Arabic styles, featuring bold floral motifs and intricate detailing. 

Minimalist Mehndi Pattern: Delicate and simple mehndi designs for wedding with minimal adornment. Minimalist mehndi pattern is perfect for brides who prefer subtlety.

Floral Mehndi Design: Floral design focuses on various types of flowers and petals, creating a garden-like effect on the hands and feet.

Peacock Motif Mehndi: Depicts the majestic peacock, symbolizing beauty and grace, often accompanied by intricate patterns.

Paisley (Mango) Design: Paisley-inspired patterns that resemble a mango shape, intricately filled with fine detailing is one of the popular choice among brides who are looking for simple mehndi design.

Lace Glove Mehndi Design: Resembles the intricate patterns of lace gloves, covering the hands with delicate, lacy designs.

Mandala Mehndi Pattern: Circular designs with intricate concentric patterns, often incorporating elements like petals and geometric shapes.

Radha-Krishna Mehndi Design: Depicts the love story of Radha and Krishna through intricate designs portraying their figures.

Bridal Portrait Mehndi: These are the intricate mehndi designs for wedding resembling a portrait of the bride and groom, showcasing their features and attire.

Intricate Mesh Mehndi: Fine mesh-like patterns spread across the hands and feet, creating a unique and stylish look.

Mirror Image Mehndi Design: Symmetrical designs on both hands, mirroring each other for a balanced and harmonious appearance.

Modern Geometric Mehndi: Utilizes geometric shapes and lines in contemporary arrangements, offering a fresh take on traditional designs.

Ganesha Mehndi Design: Depicts Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, through intricate henna artwork.

Lotus Motif Mehndi: Showcases the lotus flower, symbolizing purity and spirituality, combined with intricate patterns.

Traditional Dulha-Dulhan Mehndi: A classic design featuring the bride and groom's figures, accompanied by traditional motifs.

Glitter Mehndi Design: Incorporates glitter and stones alongside henna for added sparkle and dimension.

Heart-shaped Mehndi Pattern: Focuses on heart motifs, symbolizing love, and can be adorned with various patterns.

Net Pattern Mehndi Design: Creates a net-like effect on the skin using intricate designs and patterns.

Arabic Vine Mehndi: Combines bold vine patterns with Arabic calligraphy for a striking yet elegant look.

Bridal Anklet Mehndi: Designs resembling anklets, usually adorned with bells, beads, and chains, extending from the feet.

Glitter and Stone Embellished Mehndi: Features a combination of henna, glitter, and stones, enhancing the overall design.

Royal Elephant Motif Mehndi: Incorporates regal elephant motifs, symbolizing strength and prosperity, amidst intricate designs.

Musical Instruments Mehndi: Depicts musical instruments like the dholak, sitar, and tabla, reflecting cultural celebrations.

Bride-Groom Cartoon Mehndi: Fun and playful designs showcasing cartoon versions of the bride and groom.

Bangle and Bracelet Mehndi: Resembles ornate bangles and bracelets, enhancing the beauty of the wrists.

Henna Bracelet Mehndi: Creates intricate bracelet-like patterns around the wrists, giving the illusion of wearing jewelry.

Sun and Moon Mehndi Design: Features the sun and moon motifs, symbolizing eternal love and balance, within intricate patterns.

Traditional Peacock Feather Mehndi: Focuses solely on the peacock feather motif, often in a symmetrical arrangement. This is a popular mehndi design for wedding for the brides who specifically want traditional and royal look.

Birds and Cages Mehndi: Depicts birds and cages, symbolizing freedom and love, surrounded by intricate designs.

Swirls and Spirals Mehndi: Utilizes swirling and spiral patterns to create a mesmerizing effect on the skin.

Arabic Typography Mehndi: Incorporates Arabic calligraphy and lettering into the mehndi design for a unique and artistic touch.

Name Initials Mehndi Design: Features the initials or names of the bride and groom intertwined within the design.

Delicate Chains Mehndi Pattern: Creates the illusion of delicate chains draped across the hands and feet.

Starry Night Mehndi Design: Depicts stars and celestial elements in intricate designs, representing dreams and aspirations.

Modern Abstract Mehndi: Embraces abstract art principles with bold lines, shapes, and patterns, offering a contemporary look.

Dreamcatcher Mehndi Design: Incorporates dreamcatcher elements in your mehndi design for wedding to activate protection and positive energy.

Bridal Veil Mehndi Pattern: Resembles the intricate patterns of a bridal veil, draped across the hands and feet.

Vines and Leaves Mehndi: Features intricate vine patterns with leaves, creating an enchanting and organic appearance.

Traditional Mughlai Mehndi: Draws inspiration from Mughal art and architecture, characterized by intricate floral and geometric designs.

Contemporary Grid Mehndi: Utilizes grid-like patterns with a modern twist, creating a fusion of traditional and contemporary.

Tribal Inspired Mehndi Design: Draws inspiration from tribal art, featuring bold lines and geometric shapes.

Mehndi Jewelry Art: Designs intricate jewelry pieces using henna, resembling necklaces, earrings, and rings.

Floral Haathphool Mehndi: Resembles intricate hand jewelry with floral motifs, extending from the fingers to the wrists.

Krishna-Radha Swing Mehndi: Depicts the swing of Lord Krishna and Radha, symbolizing love and devotion.

Geometric Grid Mehndi Design: Features a combination of geometric shapes arranged in a grid-like pattern, creating a contemporary effect.

Each of these are the mehndi designs fro wedding that offers a unique blend of tradition, artistry, and personal style. You can choose the one that resonates with you the most and suits your wedding theme and attire.

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