Best Competition or Game Ideas for Your Next Exhibition

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Best Competition or Game Ideas for Your Next Exhibition

While exhibiting in a trade show it becomes important to grab the attention of the clients and leave the best impression on them. It can be possible by adding various activities such as competition. It not only helps in creating word of mouth but also generates the interest of the client in your company.

In this blog, you will get various competition ideas, things to consider while introducing games, and the best exhibition stand builder who will consider all the aspects that can provide you with the highest result.

Take a look at various games or competitions that you can incorporate into your trade show stand.

Find Your Partner

Take the same number and stick it on the shirts of two different participants. Now both of them have to search for one another and they will come to your trade show stand to claim the prize. This game is possible if you have enough participants. It is one of the best ways to create buzz about your presence on the exhibition floor.

Game Console

Select any famous video game like Pacman, Mario Kart, Tetris, and many more. By the end of the day, a person who has attained maximum points will be the winner. Make sure that more people are playing this game at the same time. It will help in grabbing the attention of other visitors.

Fortune Wheel

A fortune wheel is very simple and one of the most enjoyable games. Just place a wheel of fortune with different prices on every section. The participant will spin the wheel and get the prize on which the spin lands. To create more impact, keep the prices related to your products or services. It helps in creating awareness about your products and services.

Game of Guess How Many

Guess how many are always loved by the participants. In this game, you have to put some candies or chocolates in the jar. Then show it to the participants and ask them to guess the exact or nearby number of the candies in the jar. If the participant guesses it correctly then they will win.

Take a look at various essential aspects if you are planning to hold a competition at the next trade show:

• Make it Interactive: Instead of just playing think of various ways through which you can interact with the client. The more you interact more the client will take interest in your deals.

• Level of difficulty: In order to make your game interesting and enjoyable, choose an easy as well as simple game. No matter, how interesting your prize is, participants will not find interest in it. Avoid complexities and time-consuming processes as you have to engage more and more visitors. So, make your game short and simple.

• Be Competitive: The element of having a competition helps a lot. Rather than just playing games keep competition as it creates more buzz and desire to play the game.

• Duration: Make sure that you are running the competition for the complete event. By limiting the number of days will also reduce the footfall on your trade show stand.

• Prize Quality: Be careful while choosing the quality of the prize as it will reflect your business quality. Decide your prize on the basis of your target audience. If they are young then go for some technical things.

• Unique Games Creates Excitement: Make sure that you are choosing a unique game as it helps in creating word of mouth and it can be used as one of the best marketing tools.

• Use Social Media: Make your games popular on social media as it encourages various visitors to follow your page and take an interest in other activities.

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