Decision Designer to Empower Rapid Decisions

Written by Fosfor  »  Updated on: July 10th, 2024

Decision Designer to Empower Rapid Decisions

Revolutionize decision-making with AI-powered Decision Intelligence, natural language querying, and real-time insights to achieve better outcomes swiftly. Access powerful AI-based analytics capabilities from within familiar existing applications for a consistent and unified decisioning experience.

Our Decision Designer (Lumin) allows you to leverage the power of AI to explore your data to get instant answers, get alerted to interesting changes in your data, and access your insights anywhere, enabling more timely, impactful outcomes.

Get more value as you move from data to decisions using Decision Intelligence

Reduced time to value

Search using natural language and apply advanced analytics to enterprise data to radically accelerate value realization from better decisions.

Increased reliability

Trust insights based on the ability to drill into analyses performed to understand the generation process.

Increased adoption

Unlock curiosity through an intuitive user interface that removes obstacles to the free exploration of business data.

Simplified experience

Access powerful AI-based analytics capabilities from within familiar existing applications for a consistent

Use the Decision Designer’s in-built prompt identifier for quick results of your natural language data ask, or generate a summary of your stories for a quick rundown of insights. Make better decisions faster, anytime, anywhere, using a natural-language search-engine-like interface to ask any question of your data and get to the ‘why’ of any insight generated.

Overcome the age-old struggle of supporting and synchronizing various insights and reporting platforms with a composable architecture that’s easy to deploy and scale for all your organization’s insight seekers.

Respond to business needs at speed; easily perform ad-hoc and deep dive analysis. Nudges and alerts enable you to inform business about any impending risk before it happens.

Enable users to interact with your data product through a natural language interface, helping them get the answers to all their questions and thereby making access to insights seamless.

Our Insight Designer (Refract) simplifies the journey of everyone involved in the AI lifecycle by accelerating model building and training, validation, deployment, monitoring, and governance–shortening time to market, improving ML operations, AI accuracy, and trustability.

Get more value as you move from data to decisions with MLOps automation

Greater flexibility

Enable data scientists to innovate with AI/ML via support for a variety of IDEs, ML frameworks, toolkits, and programming languages

Increased productivity

Standardize and automate ML engineering, MLOps, and governance to support repeatability and auditability

Reduced complexity

Provide persona-specific access to relevant capabilities and workflows while leveraging a single, integrated AI platform

Gather insights and identify features using natural language prompts from the Insight Designer. Automatically generate code for building and registering ML models using any of your datasets.

Collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams via a customizable, self-serve workbench that makes available the finest AI frameworks, simplifying and accelerating the task of innovating together.

Accelerate model deployment and optimize AI models for superior performance, lower latency, and more efficient memory usage, reducing the complexities of infrastructure scaling and multi-environment deployments.

Seamlessly monitor model performance, eliminate model drift and bias, and perform maintenance and debugging on all of their AI models across a single pane.

Break down governance silos and implement a comprehensive model and data governance framework across the enterprise to have a uniform single version of the truth across various models.

Establish a standardized model validation framework for seamless model deployment, thereby enhancing model performance by ensuring data quality, accuracy, and completeness with trustworthy AI.

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