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Different Parts Of Bridge Decks And How To Repair Them?

Different Parts Of Bridge Decks And How To Repair Them?

Bridges are the medium for seamless transportation and travel across regions. The substructure consists of beams that support the superstructure. The superstructure of the bridge provides a durable surface for the movement of vehicles.

The superstructure can, however, face deterioration over time due to many reasons. So, it is crucial to make timely repairs to maintain the structural integrity. Wondering what are the different components of the bridge that need maintenance?

Then you are in the right place as here we are going to discuss the different parts of the bridge and ways to repair them. But first let us know what causes damage to the bridge structure.

Reasons Behind Damage to Bridge Structure

  • Climatic conditions: Wind, rain and changes in temperatures can damage the bridge surface. The concrete will expand and contract due to unfavourable climatic conditions forming cracks which will lead to the weakening of the overall structure.
  • Traffic: The constant movement of heavy vehicles can put a lot of pressure on the deck surface ultimately leading to cracking of the concrete or asphalt.
  • Corrosion: The process of corrosion involves deterioration of the surface when it comes in contact with water, air and chemicals. The corrosion occurs mainly on the expansion joints of the bridge.
  • Delays in Maintenance: Negligence in the maintenance of bridges can amplify small problems into bigger ones. A small crack can later become the reason for structural failure.
Now that we know about the common reasons for damage to bridges let us move on to how you can repair different parts of the bridge.

Different Bridge Parts And How To Repair Them

  1. Bridge Deck: The deck is the structure of the bridge, which helps in providing a surface for vehicles crossing. Mostly, the bridge decks are made of concrete or asphalt. The major problem with decks is that their surface is prone to cracking. To effectively repair the cracks, here is what you need to do:

    . The first step is to clean the bridge deck by removing any dust or debris present especially in the crack. You can do this by sandblasting the concrete/asphalt surface.
    . Next, use your preferable epoxy to fill in the cracks. However, be careful before you fill the sealant mixture in the crack. Ensure to mix the material properly and apply the epoxy carefully on the damaged area.
    . At last, when you are done with filling up the crack, remove the excess layer of sealant with sanding. Then, make sure that the material dries up completely before resuming the traffic.
  2. Bridge Expansion Joints: These components absorb the effect of contraction and expansion that occurs due to changes in temperature. Without the expansion joints, the deck will face major damage due to crack formation. These parts do need maintenance so that they are able to protect the surface of the bridge. Here is how you can repair expansion joints in the bridge:

    . The first step is similar to concrete deck repair, which involves cleaning the affected area. Without clearing out the dust and debris, you can’t effectively carry out the process of bridge expansion joint repair.
    . According to the level of damage, you may need to take action. If the surface has minor cracks beside the joints, then pouring sealant would be enough. However, in case the damage is major, then you need to replace the expansion joints.
    . In case of replacing the expansion joint you need to remove the old damaged material. Then, you need to cut the required material to the right size then insert it in the damaged area. Afterwards, cover the joint with a sealant.

Doing bridge repair work is not easy especially when you don’t have the skills and experience. So, it is crucial to seek professional services. By choosing bridge deck and expansion joint services, you receive the following benefits:

Why Do You Need Bridge Repair Services?

  • Preservation of Bridge: With expert help, you can extend the life of the bridge structure. The professionals inspect the bridge structure and, on detecting problems, provide effective solutions. On addressing issues such as cracks or deterioration of surface on time, the issues do not amplify, thus resulting in preventing structural failure.
  • Safety of Public: The company dealing in repair services have the expertise on how to treat the problems in bridges by using the best materials and methods of repair. The quality of their services will help in decreasing the chances of accidents that would otherwise occur due to issues in the bridge.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Timely repair means that you won’t need to make costly structure replacements in the future.


Maintenance of the bridge is the key component for keeping the structural integrity intact. So, if you want to boost the longevity of infrastructure, you need Line Marking Plus. They are the best when it comes to making repairs flawlessly. So contact them to get started.

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