Different Shapes of pizza boxes: An Ultimate Guide

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Different Shapes of pizza boxes: An Ultimate Guide
Who could say no to a yummy, crispy and cheesy pizza that melts in your mouth and makes your taste buds feel delicious? Whenever you are thinking of arranging a party with your friends, the first thing that comes into your mind is ordering a delicious pizza. Pizza not only makes your taste buds pleasant but also your mood. The crispiness and savour of pizza are preserved only if it is packed in proper pizza packaging boxes. For this, pizza boxes are of great importance. While choosing a pizza box you just need to keep the following points in your mind.
1. Pizza boxes must be hygienic and safe for food packed inside.
2. It should be light in weight without compromising its strength.
3. Resistance to impacts is another quality of these boxes. It means it should withstand pressure and should keep its shape intact.
4. Absorbing oil and moisture is very crucial. It prevents the pizza from being soggy.
5. The most important quality of pizza boxes is that they should preserve the flavour and crispiness of the pizza.
To achieve the above goals, these cardboard boxes are customized in different shapes and styles. The best material to make them is corrugated cardboard fast food packaging box. They can be small, medium and large. Companies customized their boxes to establish their identity and increase the awareness of their brand- these boxes are often termed Custom pizza packaging . The eye-catching designs, shapes and graphics fulfil their desires. The most common shapes of the boxes used for packing pizza are:
1. Round
2. Square
3. Triangular
4. Half-circle or semi-circle
5. Octagonal
6. Rectangular
Round shaped:
Pizzas are mostly round, so their boxes can be made round. Round-shaped boxes for pizza are generally less preferable because they impose more manufacturing costs. The shape must be adjusted according to the size and circumference of the pizza. However, as far as the heat-resistant properties of these boxes are concerned, they are helping a lot in serving them fresh and hot at the customer’s doorstep.

Square shaped:

      The pizzas are mostly packed inside square-shaped boxes. This shape is generally more common having four edges at equal distances. This is because making a square box is more cost-effective for the manufacturer. A single cardboard sheet is required to make a square box which makes its manufacturing easy and less expensive. These boxes give the advantage of stacking and carrying with ease. Additionally, it offers sufficient space that can be utilised for marketing purposes or advertising your brand.

3. Triangular shaped:

            If you are on a diet and want to make a cheat day with a single slice of pizza to satisfy your craving, then you need to order a single slice of pizza. When it comes to your doorstep you may notice a triangular pizza box. This shape has three corners and resembles a slice of a round pizza. It saves place and keeps your slice of pizza intact and fixed in its place. Simply, the triangular boxes are great for serving single pizza slices quite effectively.

4. Semi-Circle:

     If you are selling half pizza then you need to put it inside a semi-circle-shaped pizza box. A semi-circle shape is a half-round shape. If you cut a round pizza into equal halves then you need a semi-circle box for each half to pack. Customized Semi-Circled pizza boxes are often used to attract customers. They look creative, neat, and of course cost effective as it is made by only utilizing half of the material.

5. Octagonal:

      This octagonal-shaped pizza box is less common but the company uses this shape to make their boxes unique and attractive. This shape has eight corners and eight equal sides. It gives the product an elegant yet stylish look. Customizing printed pizza box uk in an octagonal shape is also a criterion used in marketing.

6. Rectangular:

    The companies manufacture rectangular pizza boxes on demand. These boxes involve a separate place for placing sauce trays. It has four corners and four sides (two long and two short sides). There is an unequal longitudinal partition inside them. The large one is used to place pizza and the narrow small one is used to place trays for sauces and spices to enhance the taste. Thus, it will be an excellent choice for packaging pizza with sauces within in a single box.

Sustainable and eco-friendly Pizza Packaging

               The main goal of every company is to attain sustainability and an eco-friendly environment. This is possible when the recycling of material is done. Making pizza boxes with recycled material imposes less effect on waste in our environment. The cleanliness of the environment is not for granted thing. Companies need to customize their packaging boxes according to the need of the customer and the dimensions of the product. Above all, there is not a single requirement for choosing the best pizza packaging for your brand, rather you must make a final decision by catering to all your brand’s marketing needs.


           Making a good pizza is important but preserving its taste and flavor until it is consumed is much more important. To prevent the pizza from being soggy it should be properly packed. To keep pizza fresh and crispy, pizza boxes of different shapes are used. These shapes provide them with a proper place to stay intact.
Hopefully, this article helps you to get complete knowledge of these shapes, their advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, for any query regarding the shapes of pizza boxes and their customization please contact us at ecofriendly boxes uk . Here, you can find pizza packaging of every size, shape and dimension, thus called custom pizza packaging.
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