Finding Forgiveness: 8 Key Lessons from Revival Speakers on Seeking God's Mercy

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Finding Forgiveness: 8 Key Lessons from Revival Speakers on Seeking God's Mercy

A person for whom God shows mercy will not perish at the hands of mountainous sins. His mercy ensures good fortune and gives you authority over your life. But how do you seek the Lord? If you're anything like everyone, you might think that "seeking the Lord" simply means ‘pray longer, pray louder, and probably fast.’ While Scripture mentions prayer and fasting with a proper mindset, revival speakers also share other surprising methods.

Revival Speakers Lesson on Seeking God's Mercy

1. Humble Yourself Before God

Humility before God acknowledges His supremacy and our inherent dependency on Him. It recognizes our limitations and imperfections in contrast to His perfection and sovereignty. It also brings you closer to God by removing barriers of pride and self-righteousness. So, surrender your desires and plans to God's sovereign will. Trust that His plans are perfect and His ways are higher than ours.

2. Repentance Leads to Restoration

Sin creates a barrier between individuals and God. Repentance tears down this barrier and helps you to live by God's will. Moreover, God promises to forgive those who repent and turn to Him. You can experience the freedom and joy of a restored relationship with Him through repentance. Revival speakers urge you to express sorrow for your sins and how they have hurt others and damaged your relationship with God. Take deliberate steps to avoid repeating past mistakes and to live in obedience.

3. Embrace God's Word

They stress the transformative power of God's Word in shaping hearts and minds. Revivalists urge believers to immerse themselves in Scripture, allowing its truth to penetrate their souls. Through meditation and obedience to God's Word, hearts are aligned with His will, and mercy abounds. Revival preachers share the need to embrace God's Word wholeheartedly, as it illuminates the path to divine favor.

4. Persistent Prayer Yields Result

Prayer is an essential component of the Christian faith. Prayers for God's mercy, protection, repentance, and forgiveness are important for those who want to strengthen their relationship with God. This prayer is a heartfelt request for God's mercy, protection, and grace in granting repentance and forgiveness. The revival speakers emphasize the efficacy of passionate, dedicated prayer in seeking God's mercy. Revivalists encourage believers to persevere in prayer, trusting in God's faithfulness and timing.

5. Be Merciful to Others

To be merciful means standing firmly for truth and engaging others without disdain or superiority. It's realizing our own fallibility and potential for sin under certain circumstances, fostering empathy and grace toward others. Jesus' teachings reveal that mercy doesn't mean compromising truth or overlooking wrongdoing. It involves compassionately interacting with others while upholding our principles. Practicing mercy mirrors God's kindness to all, regardless of gratitude or opposition.

6. Walk in Obedience

According to revival speakers, obedience lies at the core of seeking God's mercy. They stress the necessity of aligning one's actions with God's commands. Revivalists teach obedience unlocks the floodgates of divine favor, ushering in blessings beyond measure. By walking in obedience, believers demonstrate their love for God and their trust in His wisdom. Revival speakers admonish individuals to heed God's voice and follow His ways faithfully, knowing that obedience is the key to experiencing His mercy.

7. Give to Others

In matters of mercy, no transactional exchange exists. God's mercy cannot be bought. Yet, the heart of a giver shines brightly. Generosity doesn't imply favoritism from God or expedited entry to heaven. Rather, it signifies a life distinguished by grace and abundance on earth.

Malachi 3 provides a foundation as it discusses tithes and offerings for donations. Tithing involves giving the first tenth of our income, while offerings are additional contributions. This practice is deeply rooted in faith and love for God, not driven by fear or obligation.

8. Trust in God's Timing

Patience and trust in God's timing are virtues extolled by revival speakers in the pursuit of His mercy. They emphasize the sovereignty of God and His perfect timing in fulfilling His promises. Revivalists caution against impatience and anxiety, urging believers to surrender their timelines to God's providence.

Trusting in God's timing requires faith and perseverance, knowing that He works all things for the good of those who love Him. Revival speakers encourage individuals to rest in the assurance that God's mercy will manifest in due time, according to His divine plan.

Wrap Up

God's mercy is truly remarkable. It's like an endless reservoir of kindness and love that never runs dry, regardless of circumstances. Whether you make mistakes or encounter tough times, it remains steadfast. It's akin to having a loyal friend who stands by your side when everyone else has departed. If you are seeking mercy from the Lord, join our congregations with our encouraging revival speakers. Visit to book it.

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