How to Convert VCF Contacts to Multiple File via One Tool?

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How to Convert VCF Contacts to Multiple File via One Tool?

I am aware that you are looking for a way to convert contacts from vCard into a variety of formats. Thus, you've come to the correct spot. You'll find the answer right here. The entire process of converting vCard contacts into a variety of formats, including PST, MSG, NSF, CSV, Excel, and others, is covered in this article.

Download the Windows version of the Contact Manager software.

The expert advises converting vCard or VCF contacts into some various file formats, such as Excel, PST, CSV, MSG, and NSF, using this Contact Manager application. This software doesn't require internet connectivity because it is offline.

Motives for Using the Contact Manager Software TrustVare

The adoption of contact management software has several advantages.

  • Offline Tool: This converter for vCards is an offline program. It can be downloaded to your PC for offline vCard format conversion. On the other hand, it is safer than online VCF converters since it can function without internet access.
  • vCard Editions: This tool consistently converts vCard files exported to various applications. However, this utility modified the program to convert vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 formats. Use this program if you have any VCF files as a result.
  • File Explorer: Use the instructions to upload vCard contact files into the panel within the app. In the file explorer view, it can view your vCard files. Nonetheless, users can choose which vCard files to conserve using this checkbox feature. Use this vCard software to prevent conservation.

How to Change vCard Contacts into some Different File Formats

There are procedures you must follow in order to convert vCard contacts into some different file types.

The steps are as follows:

  • Start the TrustVare Contact Manager Application and select one of the two options: Select Files or Select Folders. Next, choose and move vCard files into the program panel by browsing them on your desktop.

  • All of your vCard files are then visible in the program window. Choose the file you need to save, then click the next button.
  • You must select a saving option for each of these some common formats.
  • The desktop is automatically selected as the destination path by this software. Simply click the browse button to change the destination folder.

  • Finally, to begin the vCard contacts conversion procedure in the chosen file, click the convert button.
  • The vCard contact conversion process has gone smoothly. Refer to the massage for this.
  • Above all, this program has the ability to automatically open the destination route. The generated files are easily obtained by users.

  • To convert vCard contacts into some different file formats, follow these procedures.

Contact Manager Software Features

The vCard Converter program has the following incredible features:

  • Both single- and multiple-contact vCard files are supported.
  • The business cards are kept in this vCard or VCF file (Virtual Contact File). It is occasionally distributed as an email attachment. It can make it challenging for people to connect with them across different channels. It is possible to retrieve and convert these VCF files to other file formats with this vCard conversion program. The vCard file converter software is in charge of maintaining these vCard contact fields.
  • Single Contact Vcard: You can access and convert a single contact vCard file in bulk with this program.
  • Multiple Contact vCard: Large-size VCF or vCard files, which include an infinite number of contacts in detail, are also supported by this program.
  • There are two ways to upload contacts from vCards.
  • Users can choose to load VCF contacts in one of two ways after installing the software: by selecting files and folders in order. In order to insert VCF or vCard contact files into the program panel for the transformation process, users will be able to select any choice.
  • Choose Files: Using this option, you can upload vCard files with various choices into the software window.
  • Choose Folders: This feature works well for uploading an entire folder containing an infinite number of vCard files organized into several subfolders. Our users can therefore save a significant amount of time. Several files can be converted at once using it.
  • This vCard file, or VCF file, software is incredibly effective and potent. Its primary purpose is to simultaneously convert many vCard files. As a result, you can skip the vCard conservation step. To access the software panel, upload the vCard file. Then, convert every vCard file at once to save yourself from having to do it again.

In Summary,

We attempt to address your query about how to convert vCard contacts into several formats in this post. This article will walk you through the capabilities of this software, some file types, and vCard contacts. These items will assist you in finding the solution to your query. You won't find this information useful either now or in the future.

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