How to Export MBOX to PST Manually?

Written by christanglina  »  Updated on: March 18th, 2024

How to Export MBOX to PST Manually?

In today's interconnected digital world, email communication plays a crucial role in both personal and professional domains. Among the various email storage formats, MBOX and PST stand out as common choices. However, there may arise situations where converting MBOX to PST becomes necessary, whether due to transitioning between email clients or meeting organizational needs.

Steps to Export MBOX to PST Manually

• Manual Method: This method is cost-free, requiring no expenditure for the conversion process.

• Third-Party Tool Method: Opting for a third-party solution ensures optimal results in converting your MBOX to PST format swiftly and efficiently.

Manual Method: Exporting MBOX to PST using Multiple Email Clients

Step 1: Transferring Mailbox Data to Apple Mail

• Download and install Apple Mail on your system.

• Open Apple Mail and navigate to the "File" menu, then select "Import Mailboxes."

• Choose the source from which you want to import the MBOX format data.

• Click "Continue" and specify the location to save the MBOX files.

• Select the MBOX files you wish to import from the specified location, then click "Choose" and continue.

• Once the import process is finished, click on "Finish."

Step 2: Converting EML to PST File Format

• Open Microsoft Outlook and navigate to the "File" tab.

• Choose "Open & Export" and then select "Import/Export."

• Opt for the "Export to a file" option and click "Next."

• Select "Outlook Data File (.pst)" and proceed by clicking "Next."

• Navigate to the folder where your EML files are stored and click "Next."

• Choose the destination location for the PST files.

• Click "Finish" to initiate the conversion process.

• Your EML files will now be converted to the PST file format.

Drawbacks of the Manual Processes:

• Structural Data Handling: The manual process may not handle all data and attachments structurally, potentially leading to data alteration during the conversion.

• Time Consuming: Manual conversion of MBOX to PST file format can be time-consuming, requiring significant investment in terms of time and effort.

• Lack of Support for Multiple Conversions: The manual process does not support batch conversions of MBOX files to PST format, requiring each conversion to be performed individually.

• Technical Expertise Required: Manual conversion involves several lengthy and complex steps, necessitating a higher level of expertise and technical knowledge to execute effectively.

Professional tool to Convert MBOX files to Outlook PST file:

With the MBOX to PST Converter software, users can effortlessly open their MBOX files/folders in Outlook with reliability and without any data loss. This tool enables the seamless export of single or bulk emails from MBOX folders to PST format in a single process, eliminating any potential issues. Unlike the manual process, this method imposes no limitations, ensuring a smooth conversion experience. The software boasts simplicity and user-friendliness, making the entire process exceptionally easy for users.

 Following are the steps to convert MBOX to PST file:

• Download and Install the MBOX to PST Converter software on your system.

• After installation, launch the software and click on the "Open" option from the ribbon bar.

• Browse the folder containing your MBOX files or paste the folder location into the provided textbox, then click on the "Next" button.

• The software will preview the data from the added MBOX files. Select the desired data you wish to move.

• Finally, the software will export your MBOX files into the selected file format and provide you with a live log report.

Final Verdict:

In this blog, we've explored both manual and third-party methods for exporting MBOX to PST files. Now that you have insights into both approaches, you can make an informed decision on which method suits your needs best for importing MBOX files into Outlook. After reviewing the blog, we trust you'll be equipped to select the optimal tool for your requirements. Don't forget to download the free demo version to explore the utility developed by Software.

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