IPO Strategies for 2024: How to Identify and Invest in Promising New Offerings

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The journey from a startup to a publicly traded company is a significant milestone that marks the growth and evolution of a business. An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a pivotal moment that allows a company to raise capital, expand its operations, and gain a broader market presence. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the intricacies of the IPO process, delve into the concept of IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP), and shed light on the emerging trend of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) IPOs.

Understanding the IPO Process

An IPO is the process through which a private company offers its shares to the public for the first time. This transition from private to public ownership involves several stages:

Preparation and Planning: Before going public, a company needs to assess its financial health, market position, and growth prospects. This stage involves extensive planning, financial audits, and the selection of underwriters who will manage the IPO process.

Filing the Prospectus: The company prepares a detailed document known as the prospectus, which includes financial statements, business models, risks, and strategies. This document is filed with regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States or the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Roadshows and Marketing: To generate interest among potential investors, the company conducts roadshows where its executives present the business case to institutional investors. This stage is crucial for gauging investor interest and determining the IPO pricing.

Pricing and Allocation: Based on investor demand and market conditions, the IPO price is determined. Shares are then allocated to institutional and retail investors.

Listing and Trading: On the designated date, the company’s shares are listed on a stock exchange, and trading begins. This marks the official transition to a publicly traded company.

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IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP)

The IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP) is an unofficial market where IPO shares are traded before their official listing on the stock exchange. GMP provides an indication of the market sentiment and the potential demand for the IPO shares. Here’s how GMP works:

Price Discovery: In the grey market, investors buy and sell IPO shares at a premium over the issue price. This premium reflects the perceived value and demand for the shares.

Sentiment Indicator: A high GMP indicates strong investor interest and confidence in the IPO, suggesting that the shares might perform well upon listing. Conversely, a low or negative GMP can signal weak demand.

Informal Nature: It’s important to note that grey market trading is unofficial and not regulated by financial authorities. Therefore, investors should exercise caution and not rely solely on GMP as a decision-making tool.

The Rise of SME IPOs

While traditional IPOs of large corporations often grab headlines, the trend of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) going public is gaining momentum. SME IPOs provide smaller companies with an opportunity to raise capital and achieve growth. Here’s what you need to know about SME IPOs:

Eligibility and Requirements: SME IPOs are typically regulated by specific frameworks that cater to the unique needs of smaller businesses. These regulations may include relaxed disclosure norms and lower listing fees.

Benefits for SMEs: By going public, SMEs can access a wider pool of capital, enhance their visibility, and improve their credibility in the market. This can lead to increased business opportunities and partnerships.

Investor Opportunities: For investors, SME IPOs offer a chance to invest in promising companies at an early stage. While these investments can be riskier compared to large-cap IPOs, they also have the potential for significant returns.

Upcoming IPOs to Watch

As the IPO market continues to thrive, several high-profile companies are preparing to go public. Here are a few upcoming IPOs that have generated buzz in the investment community:

The Money Fair IPO Details: Akiko Global Services Limited has set the IPO dates for Money Fair, scheduled to open on June 25 and close on June 27. The IPO aims to raise ₹23.11 crores through the NSE SME platform. Akiko Global Services Limited, a trusted channel partner for major banks and NBFCs in India, brings six years of specialized experience in distributing financial products like credit cards and loans.

Divine Power IPO Details: Divine Power Energy Limited has announced the dates for its upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO). Scheduled to commence on June 25 and conclude on June 27, the IPO aims to raise ₹22.76 crores. Operating under the NSE SME platform, Divine Power’s IPO has set a price band of ₹36 to ₹40 per share, with a market lot of 3000 shares.

Diensten Tech IPO Details: Diensten Tech has announced the dates for its upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO). The IPO subscription period is scheduled to commence on June 26 and conclude on June 28. This IPO, targeted at the NSE SME segment, aims to raise ₹22.08 crores. Investors can participate within a price band of ₹95 to ₹100 per share, with a market lot of 1200 shares.


The journey from startup to stock market through an IPO is a transformative experience that opens up new avenues for growth and expansion. Understanding the IPO process, keeping an eye on IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP), and exploring the potential of SME IPOs can help investors make informed decisions. As the market evolves, staying updated on upcoming IPOs and their impact on the industry landscape will be crucial for both companies and investors. Embrace the opportunities, assess the risks, and navigate the IPO journey with confidence.


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